How I Manage My Stress

distressed businessman with plummeting sales

Alexander Djerassi knows that stress is something nearly everyone goes through to some degree throughout their lifetime, as it’s a normal human emotion. With that said, as everyone deals with some level of stress, some people handle it differently. Some people who are stressed know how to control their emotions

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Importance of Staying Organized

College student in her dorm

Benjamin Cory Harow believes that staying organized is a beneficial characteristic that leads to achieving many things, whether it’d be for work or recreational activities. With that said, being organized is a strong characteristic, to say the least, as one could argue that being organized to a certain degree helps

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Essential Remodeling Tips

Remodeling can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we’ve made a handy list for you to double-check on your way to home-bliss!  1. Hire an experienced contractor  The first issue to consider is the structure of your building. An architect or contractor will help you analyze the home in detail.

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Best Tourist Attractions in Florida

Dr. Benjamin Cory Harow knows that life isn’t complete without a vacation to Florida. But with so many things to see, from beaches to theme parks and both natural and man-made wonders, what are the best tourist attractions in the Sunshine State? Miami Beach has something for everyone with crystal

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