3 Things to Look for in a Fertility Clinic

Are you looking for a fertility clinic? Or are you wondering how to choose the best fertility specialists for yourself? In this COVID-19 era, hyper-sanitary precautions and social distancing are of great importance; selecting a good fertility clinic for yourself is a big decision. Nobody ever wants to play cards with their health and especially their fertility health. I

The selection process should be thorough and informative. There are several in every city in the US. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ultimately choose the right fertility clinic for you.

  1. Expertise and Experience

Expertise should be your primary factor in determining the right fertility clinic. The clinic you choose should have a great reputation along with fair and balanced reviews. Understand that success rates do vary and are unique to each situation. Search for the physicians that are behind the fertility clinic as well as any certifications as well as a helpful website. Also ensure that they offer telehealth and telemedicine paths for consultations and follow-up. These will put you at ease in case there is another shutdown in your area due to the pandemic. Feel free to schedule a consultation with them, just keep in mind that some do charge.

  1. Success Rates

Another major factor to consider before choosing a fertility clinic is its IVF success rate. It doesn’t harm if you question a fertility clinic that does not submit their IVF success rates to the CDC. The success rate in in-vitro fertility (IVF) can be defined as the percentage of embryo transfer resulting in pregnancy. Sometimes it is referred to as the pregnancy rate per cycle started. 

What then is a reasonable IVF success rate? For women under 35 who have undergone IVF have a 39.6% chance of bearing a child. However, those who are above 40 have 11.5%. Recent research by CDC has also found that the success rate is slowly increasing as doctors become more experienced. Therefore if you want to select a good fertility clinic, the success rate will be another important consideration as you choose an ideal one.

  1. Treatments and Available Options

It is also good to choose a clinic with a range of treatments and not a one-size-fits-all approach. Apart from IVF, the fertility clinic should have comprehensive fertility offers including cryopreservation, intrauterine insemination and surrogacy options.


Choosing a good fertility clinic can help you along your fertility path with confidence. It will increase your probability of conception and having a positive outcome. Choosing a good clinic will also give you some peace of mind knowing that you are being paired with experts in fertility during your journey.