5 Big Group Holiday Ideas for the Ultimate Experience

While the majority of people holiday as a family, or maybe 3-4 friends pool together and take two weeks in a tropical paradise, there are large groups that wish to share the holiday experience. There are many benefits to this type of vacation – the per person cost is incredibly low, as large group bookings are always cheaper, along with flights – and if your class of final year students are looking for a gap year holiday, here are a few ideas.

  1. Rent a Resort – A small resort would be happy to close their doors to the general public for a 25-30-person group, and you get to choose the menu, along with fun activities. If you are prepared for off-season, so much the better, and for $30 per day per person, you have a great all-in holiday. You can arrange pool parties, and with everything included, you won’t have to worry about the bar bill, and you can really let your hair down!
  2. Charter a Superyacht – While this would normally be reserved for the billionaires of this world, a group of 30 people can comfortably afford 5-star floating luxury, and we are talking Italian furniture, gold fittings and all the expensive water toys that come with the jet set lifestyle. When you share the cost, a superyacht charter is very good value for money and it is an experience you will never forget.
  3. African Safari – Countries like Namibia offer fantastic safari experiences, and for a large group, the cost would be more than reasonable. You and your friends will get to see the Big 5 in their natural habitat, something that may not be possible soon, and the service is second to none. The big advantage to having a large group is you can call the shots in almost every respect, so you can pretty much tailor the holiday to suit your group. Click here for a few short holiday ideas with a difference.
  4. Cruising Down the Nile – While most people decide to take a Nile River cruise for a day or two while on holiday in Egypt, a large group can charter the whole vessel, complete with a full crew. When you crunch the numbers, you realise just how affordable this is, again due to the number of people in the booking. You can sit back on deck and enjoy the Egyptian sunsets, and with 5-star accommodation, you will live like Pharaohs as you experience the wonders of the Nile Valley.
  5. Australian Outback – Yes, you can book a stay at one of the huge ranches in QLD and the Outback, and for 20 or more people, you get massive discounts. If you like to ride horses, you can become a cowboy for a couple of weeks, plus you will gain a valuable insight into how people live in such a remote region. Here is a list of Australian visa types, which will be of use.

If your group is 20 or more, you really do have some bargaining power and tour operators will bend over backwards to accommodate you.