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5 new home styles in South Carolina

If you are looking to build your home from scratch, you want to find a home builder in Columbia who can work with you to design the best home style for you.

Homestyle inspiration can be found anywhere, and looking into history for different designs and styles can give you some invaluable ideas for new home styles and what your new build should look like.

Your home builder in Columbia can assist you in finding an architect who can draw up the plans for your new home-based n styles and features you want to include so as the final design is keeping within your wishes and popular and timeless styles.

We look at the 5 new home styles in South Carolina that can give you inspiration for your home build.


The Plantation home harkens back to a pre-Civil War South, drawing on French colonial and neoclassical architectural styles. Classical Greek columns, as well as a large front porch and balcony, are notable features. If you like symmetry, tradition, and a classic Southern look, the Plantation-style is a great place to start when developing a personal style.

Single Style Houses

“Single Style” is a well-known look that is ideal for narrow lots. While these homes are typically built with narrow rooms that run the length of the house, a custom design-build can keep the exterior features you want while opening up some of the traditional galley-style rooms. Styles for this type of home include Charleston single homes and Federal single homes. Many of these homes boast impressive porches and attention to exterior details to pull the style together.

Greek Revival

Typically one of the most iconic types of homes in South Carolina. Popular in the 1820-1850 period, this type of home popped up across the US but is particularly synonymous with the south. A home builder in Columbia will likely be familiar with this home style which features a grand fascia and columns to accentuate features and add charm and style.

Beach style

The contemporary coastal South Carolina beach house is not a traditional style in and of itself; however, it frequently borrows elements from the styles listed above. While rectangular structures are common, those looking to add something unique and original have an unlimited number of architectural options. They are always raised and have porches similar to those found in Charleston-style or plantation-style homes.

Farmhouse style

The Farmhouse architectural style is a varied coastal architectural style. Typically the farmhouse style features sharp pointed Eagles, sloping roofs, and Gothic style features. A Farmhouse style home in South Carolina features a porch and high ceilings on the interior and a uniform look from the front mimicking what you would expect to see in the rural countryside.

When deciding on your new home style, choosing the right home builder in Columbia can help you identify the best style for you and the features and style you can expect from the finished build, regardless of what era or style you choose.