5 things to look for when searching for an IT company.

When you are working as a leader in your business, you want to know that you have the experts working in each department so that everything runs smoothly. You’ll hire the best digital marketers and the best cleaner to clean the office, but who have you got in your corner when it comes to IT support? 

Whether you have a small business or a larger company to manage, you need to consider hiring the best IT company to manage your servers, software and equipment. It’s not uncommon for an IT company to come in and manage your services for you, and outsourcing your IT needs can be the best thing that you do to ensure that your business is secure. When you outsource to another IT support business, you are able to keep your team focused on the way that your business works, and not worry about the IT side of the business. Below, we’ve put together five things that you should be looking for when you are on the hunt for the IT company that can offer the best IT support.

  • A Company That Offers Flexibility

When you sign a contract with an IT support company, you need to ensure that you aren’t locked into huge contracts. You need flexibility to bust out of the arrangement sooner than two to three years into a contract. So, make sure that you are able to have a break-clause in the contract around 6 months in, to be reviewed every six months. This prevents you being locked in if you are unhappy with your service.

  • A Proactive Company – Without Being Asked

If there is one thing you should never have to do when you are searching for an IT company, it’s to keep asking them to do things. Some businesses work on a “when it’s broken, we’ll fix it” basis. Instead, choose a managed IT company that will be on your company 24/7 to ensure that they can respond to issues as they happen – without you having to ask.

  • The Right Experience

Don’t hire an IT company that doesn’t come with certifications. You need to know you’re dealing with experts here, and not a cowboy company who doesn’t have any formal training. You need to see evidence that a company knows what they are doing in the same way you would offer proof that you are qualified in your role.

  • Strong Security Background

A big job for your IT support company is in managing your security. You want to know that your business is strong and secure from top to bottom, and so you should be looking for an IT company that has a strong background in security.

  • Fast Responses

Lastly, you want to choose a company that will offer you a clear guideline on how they respond to issues occurring in your business. The right IT company will be clear on this because you shouldn’t be left wondering how long you’ll have to wait for a response to a call with a problem.