5 Things You Didn’t Realize You Can Do with Digital Signage Software

5 Things You Didn’t Realize You Can Do with Digital Signage Software

If you think digital signage is just for showing a series of rotating images or ads, think again. There are countless ways to use this awesome technology, and it can even be used interactively.

Here’s a list of 5 things you didn’t realize you can do with digital signage.

1. Create interactive content without programming knowledge

The possibilities are endless with interactive digital content. The best part is you don’t need to be a programmer to make interactive content. Digital signage software comes with an easy-to-use interface that uses widgets to create content.

Visix explains several ways you can use widgets to display all kinds of interactive content to your customers or employees. For example, you can create:

  • Interactive artwork with “hot spots” users can click to get more information.
  • Interactive content that works with voice recognition. Think of it like using voice commands to navigate settings on smart devices like Alexa.
  • Slides that display any content you desire. For each slide, you can set the opacity, position, and your preferred transition effect.

Creating interactive content with digital signage is easy. Each widget can be configured simply and easily without any programming knowledge.

2. Launch an in-store email marketing campaign

With a creative video ad, you can use digital signage to capture email addresses from customers while they’re in your store. For example, you can set up a motion sensor that activates a video each time a customer walks by. The person in the video might say something like, “Hey, would you like to save fifty dollars on your purchase today?”

After hearing this message, most people will turn around to look at the screen. That’s when you can offer customers a discount on their purchase in exchange for their email address. You’ll get a good number of signups from people, especially if your price points are high and your discount offers are substantial.

2. Create interactive quizzes

Interactive quizzes can be fun. When someone walks by your digital screen and sees the opportunity to take a quiz, they may not be able to resist. For customers, you can turn a short 3-question quiz into a game that reveals a discount offer based on their score. Or, you can use short quizzes in the office to boost company culture.

Ideally, interactive quizzes should serve a greater purpose, but you can create some quizzes just for fun.

3. Keep employees engaged in their work

Today’s employees can get quickly distracted and feel isolated at work. You can bypass this issue by using digital signage to keep employees engaged and provide a marketing tool for visitors.

Mount a display near high-traffic areas where you’ll capture the most attention and where the displays won’t distract employees from doing their work. Run inspirational and motivational videos, images, and messages that really speak to your team.

You can also use digital signage to display your company’s latest social media posts on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Inform customers and employees

You’ve seen airlines use digital displays to display real-time flight arrival and departure data. You can use the same technology in your business. For instance, some hotels use digital displays to show vacancies, news, weather forecasts, and other travel-related data.

Some businesses display traffic data in the office for employees to take the fastest route home. Other businesses use digital signage to display stock information or as a queue manager to move lines forward faster.

Whatever information you need to display, you can do it in real-time with digital displays.

5. Live, virtual customer interactions

Virtual customer interactions are better when they’re live. Customers want self-service options, but they also want to talk to a live human being. They just don’t always want to talk to a live person face-to-face.

Say you run a department store. Instead of having phone stations where customers can call for assistance, replace them with a digital kiosk. Instead of making busy employees drop what they’re doing and rush to the phone station, customers can get help from someone whose designated job is to help them.

Your dedicated kiosk support people can be remote employees located anywhere in the world. If they can’t help the customer, then you can pass the job to someone on the floor. This way, nobody is removed from an important task just to tell a customer the toothpaste is on aisle five.

The value of digital signage is immense

These are just some of the things you can do with digital signage. Between static messages and interactive elements, the possibilities are endless. If you haven’t embraced digital signage in your business yet, now is the perfect time to get started.