6 Reasons Why It’s Better To Hire A Generator Rather Than Buy One

Many businesses struggle to function without a sound back-up power supply such as a 100 kva generator, but the decision to buy one isn’t always straightforward. 

Whether to invest in a generator, or hire one, usually depends on a number of factors, such as how often your business will need back-up power, how much your business relies on electricity, whether you’re prepared to maintain and repair a generator as required, and arguably the most significant factor: can you afford to buy one? 

To help you decide between buying a generator and generator hire, here are 6 reasons why the latter might prove a wiser business decision:

  1. Trained and experienced engineers and technicians

When you rent a generator from a reputable company, they will typically have a team of engineers and technicians available not just to help you set up and install the generator, but to provide you with invaluable assistance in the event of an emergency, too, or even to guide you if you have a small query. 

  1. Great reputation

Companies who hire out generators rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews online from customers, meaning that they should be a safe bet for providing you with a high quality, reliable service. 

  1. Financial savings

It’s often more affordable to rent a generator than it is to buy one, especially if you need that back-up power for the purposes of a special event or one-off project, instead of for long-term use. Hiring a generator means that you can make savings on storage and maintenance; even if you buy a generator and it’s not often used, you’ll still need to invest in maintaining it and having it inspected periodically to make sure it will function effectively when needed. 

  1. Try before you buy

If you’re on the fence as to whether you need to buy a generator to help power your business, hiring one can be a great opportunity for discovering whether it would be a sound investment. Hiring gives you the chance to find the right generator to perfectly match your needs, and figure out whether you’ll be able to afford to buy one. 

  1. Flexibility

By hiring from a local company, you can benefit from getting exactly the right size of generator to match your specific needs, and keep in mind that many businesses have changing needs over the course of their lifetime. Hire a generator that’s too small, and you can simply swap it for a larger one, although your generator supplier will be able to help you better determine the right size for the job. 

  1. Growth

As touched upon in the point above, a businesses needs can change and expand as it continues to grow, and by hiring instead of buying, a generator can easily adapt to match the new growth. Equally, should a company downsize for any reason, a smaller generator can simply be hired in place of the larger one. 

Hiring a generator could well be the smart choice for your business, especially if you value flexibility and don’t have the budget for buying one. To discuss this in more detail, contact a local generator supplier for guidance.