7 Reasons Ransomware Should Be Your Top Concern

In 2019, a Verizon Data breach study revealed that malware represented 28% of data breaches while ransomware attacks accounted for 24% of malware breaches. Ransomware attacks happen every 14 seconds, which means the bad actors behind these operations hardly take any days off. 

The threat of ransomware is real, and it only keeps expanding with time. In the first quarter of 2019, researchers recorded a 118% increase in malware attacks in this category. Here are seven good reasons why ransomware should be your top priority.

Ransomware Attacks Are Becoming More Prevalent

The rise in ransomware incidents is partly because attackers are more innovative at targeting their victims. No single organization appears to be safe. Hospitals, cities, and local governments remain key targets because hackers know that these organizations will grind to a halt if their data is breached. At the moment, ransomware is among the most significant security risks to small businesses. Having said that, some entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that their businesses are too small to be attacked.

Ransomware Now Includes Data Breaches And Extortion

Now is the time to take ransomware threats seriously, as ransomware authors can steal your data and threaten to publish them if you don’t pay a hefty amount as ransom. This is one of the greatest doubled-edged attacks to fight in 2021.

Every Individual Or Business Is At Risk

Available information from the latest research on the topic indicates that ransomware threatens the security of all individuals and businesses, irrespective of their size. Protecting your data and financial resources starts with prioritizing ransomware solutions.

Paying A Ransom Isn’t Fun

Cyber extortionists are out to get you and the tactics employed by ransomware criminals are more effective than you thought. Several companies are finding themselves in a no-win situation where they have to pay huge sums of money to protect data that could still be leaked. The ransomware industry continues to evolve in its tactic and execution.

Layers Of Security Don’t Necessarily Stop Every Attack

The latest news continues to feature ransomware attacks, and this means your current layers of security may not be enough to shield your business from ransomware threats.

Internet Users Don’t Play Significant Roles In Security

Email phishing is among the top initial attack vectors for successful ransomware campaigns. Internet users may be tempted to click on malicious links and open dangerous email attachments. It’s crucial to launch a security awareness program in your organization, teaching your team how to identify phishing attacks and avoid falling victim to these criminals.

Legacy Systems Are Prone To Cyber Attacks

More often than not, businesses fail to upgrade their operating systems for a number of reasons. However, security wise, legacy systems translate to a serious risk as many ransomware campaigns are directed to individuals and businesses with vulnerabilities.  For example, the notorious Windows’ SMB service allowed the famous WannaCry Ransomware to spread like a virus in 2017.

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