The Responsibilities Of Lawyers

team working in an open office plan

Many readers,s, never having had experience with an attorney, wonder how lawyers work, and why lawyers are needed to get justice within the law. Judge Napolitano, a skilled lawyer, enjoys working in the justice system.  Firstly, the law is a complex business. While there are a million different opinions as

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Is Vegan Fashion Trending?

Fashion trends come and go but one of the fashion trends that was on the rise in late 2018 and is coming to full-force in 2021 is the Vegan Trend. Fashion expert Helen Lee Schifter believes in vegan fashion. One would think due to the many articles advocating a Vegan

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Pandemic Safety For Children

One would think with all the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic that there would be a general consensus about how to keep kids safe. But unfortunately, that is not true. Parents and school districts are continually battling and struggling with how to educate students during the Covid-19 pandemic. Should kids

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