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Can Moving Companies Benefit from Local SEO?

The digital age has transformed how consumers find and research various types of local businesses. Data from Statista indicate it’s becoming increasingly common for such consumers to find these types of businesses through the internet.

Virtually all businesses need online presences now. A website can help a business attract new clients while providing valuable information to existing customers and leads.

However, how valuable an online presence is in this capacity can depend on a business’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. For example, perhaps you own a moving company. If so, a strategy based on local SEO for moving companies will offer your business the greatest benefits.

What is SEO for Moving Companies?

There are many ways in which a business’s online presence can grow its customer base. For example, potential customers may learn about a business through an online search.

They don’t have to specifically search for that business to discover it online. For example, someone in need of a mover may be performing related Google searches such as “moving tips” or “how to pack when moving to a new house.”

The search results pages for such searches may include links to blog articles or other pages from moving companies. The higher these results rank on a given page, the more likely they are to attract clicks. Users who click on these links and engage with moving companies accordingly may turn into customers.

SEO involves accounting for the various factors that can influence how website content ranks in search results pages. Optimizing these factors improves rankings and other such elements of a business’s web presence.

The Benefits of Local SEO For Moving Companies

Not all online traffic is equally valuable for all businesses. After all, a moving company can only serve customers within a certain region. If its website attracts visitors from a region the company doesn’t serve, there’s very little chance those visitors will ever become customers.

A local SEO strategy may help a business’s web presence attract attention from users in specific geographic areas. The benefits of local SEO for moving companies include:

Spending Money Smartly

An SEO strategy may be a component of an overall marketing strategy. A local business owner can’t afford to waste any money on marketing efforts that don’t yield a strong return-on-investment.

Spending money on an SEO campaign may not be financially wise if the campaign primarily attracts users from outside a business’s service area. However, a local SEO strategy may attract users who live in the region a particular moving company serves. Getting the attention of potential customers is more cost-effective than targeting a global audience.

Tailoring Content to Local Issues

SEO sometimes involves content marketing. One of the factors that can influence how a website’s pages rank in search results is how much time users spend on individual pages. A search engine’s algorithm may interpret a long amount of time spent on a page as a sign that said page offers genuine value to audiences.

Business owners may offer value by publishing blogs, podcasts, and other such forms of potentially valuable content. To return to an earlier example, a moving company’s blog might offer moving tips to individuals and families planning moves. Such blogs may also contain keywords that can further contribute to search engine results page rankings.

The more valuable the content is, the more time users are likely to spend consuming it. A local SEO strategy allows a moving company to account for regional factors that may affect a move when offering such content. Personalizing content in this way can boost its value and improve SEO.

Boosting Local Reputation

An aspect of a moving company’s local SEO strategy may involve requesting reviews and testimonials from customers. Generating reviews from customers across social media and other such platforms will naturally improve a business’s local reputation.

In addition, a local SEO strategy may help a business show up when users perform searches through platforms like Yelp! or Google Maps. Showing up in these types of “local directories” is another way for a business’s online presence to attract customers.

Local SEO for Moving Companies: Focusing on the Right Audience

Your moving company is a local business. Its online presence should reflect this.

So should your behind-the-scenes digital strategy. If you take the time to develop and implement a proper local SEO plan, your company will enjoy measurable results.

Main Street ROI offers local SEO services to moving companies and professionals across a range of industries.