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Career Paths in the Political Science Field

If a person is looking to get into a career in the political science field there are many options for them. Alexander Djerassi knows that this can be a promising career path and that there are many options for those wanting to work in this field. Djerassi has helped those find a political science career path so they can make the most out of their career. Around 97 percent of the students that earn a degree in political science have found employment within a year of graduation. There are different options and career paths for a person with this degree.

Government and Law

People with political science degrees have an interest in government and working with politics. They often find employment at government agencies such as the United States Department of State and they may also work with local governments to build up some experience. They can work with legal services in the public defender offices and review all the different policies. Some even work for non profits such as the Justice Center and Urban Initiatives so they can help make some important changes and get involved in the development of new policies.

Business Services

Alexander Djerassi believes that those with political science degrees can move onto the field of business. They can work for some major companies including banks. Others get into the business regulation field so they can make sure that all businesses are following the law and make sure they are following all regulations. Some political science students move on to the Securities and Exchange Commission so they can regulate how things are working and make sure everything is done legally.


Businesses and other organizations need to know what they are doing to follow the law. They also need to know how they can promote their business and get ahead of the competition. A person with a degree in political science can do this. They can provide advice to a business on how to get ahead. They can also help the business reach a target audience. There are plenty of opportunities in this area.

Advanced Degrees

If a person is looking for a higher position and they want to hold a more powerful position in the government or law then a political science degree is a great place to start. This degree will allow them to have an understanding of how these fields operate. People that have studied political science have gone on to law school and had a successful career in law. Others have studied economics and can work internationally. Some people have begun their career in political science and they have gone on to become a judge. This will take additional education and experience but it is possible with this degree.

These are just some of the career options for a person with a degree in political science. If a person wants to have career options and they are looking for a career that will make a difference in many areas then studying political science is the way to go.