Chartering a Luxury Yacht: All you Need to Know

There are indeed many ways to enjoy a luxury holiday and if your interest leans towards a marine experience onboard a luxury yacht, you’ll be happy to learn that the yacht chartering sector is alive and well. But before you start searching online for a yacht chartering outfit, there are a few things to consider first.

  • Budget – Chartering a yacht isn’t going to be the cheapest holiday, but if you join with a few friends, the experience is more affordable, and with yachts that can accommodate 30+ people, there’s bound to be a vessel that is ideal for your group. It is worth noting that a yacht charter is an all-inclusive deal, so there won’t be additional expenses, except when you are ashore, and when you split the cost among all the group, it works out as good value when you consider you are going to be onboard a luxury yacht in a tropical paradise.
  • Customised Experience – Chartering a yacht empowers you, as you can decide your schedule and route, and even when you do have a schedule, you can make changes at any time. The professional crew are at your beck and call and the seasoned skipper would know the Andaman Sea and other areas in South East Asia that still contain pristine ecosystems that are not known to the tour operators. You choose your menus, with fresh seafood available from the local markets, plus the bar is suitably stocked with all your favourites, making for a luxury floating experience on a prestige luxury yacht.
  • The South East Asia Region – There are top-rated companies with state-of-the-art vessels that offer yacht charter in Indonesia and with literally thousands of small tropical islands, you and your friends can disappear for a couple of weeks and immerse yourself in tropical paradise. The other popular departure port is Phuket, in the South of Thailand, which is not far from the famed Phi Phi Islands, which are some of the best places to see marine life.
  • Diverse Marine Life – As you can imagine, the pristine oceans around the Indonesian islands are teeming with marine life, and if you happen to love snorkelling, this is paradise for sure. You can swim with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, while Bottle-Nose Dolphins are a common sight in these waters, and there’s always a chance of seeing whales and there are many species of fish that inhabit the unspoilt reefs.
  • Choosing a Charter Company – If a yacht charter firm is well-established, they would have the resources to ensure that all goes smoothly, and if one company doesn’t have a boat that fits the bill, there are other yacht charter companies, and they can easily be sourced with a Google search. Price might also be a factor, although you can expect similar rates, and if you get a good feeling about one particular provider, go with that.

Chartering a luxury yacht for a couple of weeks is even more affordable if you get together a group of friends who would love to experience such a holiday, you can all plan your route and get ready for a truly unique holiday.