man falling off ladder

Common Home Improvements to Enhance Safety

If you watch a lot of home renovation shows, then you might think redoing your entire home in a week is no problem. Unfortunately, real-life renovations are never that easy. Millions of people are injured every year fixing up their homes, but you can avoid becoming one of them with these simple tips. 

The Dreaded Ladder

Ladders are one of the main culprits behind renovation injuries. In workplaces, they remain the number one reason to hire a slip, trip, and fall accidents lawyer. Falling off of a ladder can easily lead to broken bones, fractures, and brain trauma depending on the height and landing. 

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, you should always make sure the ladder’s joints and steps aren’t broken. Never balance the ladder on anything for extra height, make sure it is resting stable on the ground, and don’t climb to the top rung. 

Electric Shocks

From changing light switches to ceiling fans, the risk of electric shock is one that many home renovators tend to overlook. Using metal tools near wire leads is a common problem, as is forgetting to switch off the circuit breaker for electrical repairs.

If you’re not sure which circuit breaker switch to use, then flip the main switch and kill power to the entire house. You should also ensure that you know exactly how to make the repair or change you’re attempting before trying it. 

Power Tools

While power tools can help you get the job done fast, they can also be incredibly dangerous. Drills, saws, routers, and sanders can all send you straight to the emergency room if you’re not careful with them. Some are also easier to use than others. So, make sure you know what you’re doing before diving in. 

To avoid power tool injuries, always read the instruction manual for new devices. Never operate in a cluttered space where you could slip, don’t wear loose clothing, and always use protective eyewear. A pair of cut-resistant work gloves also comes in handy. 

Toxic Fumes

The items you need to renovate often give off fumes, especially paint. Inhaling these fumes can lead to headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Those with asthma are more susceptible, as well. Upholstery, carpeting, and adhesives can also release fumes. 

The first step to avoiding this hazard is making sure the room you’re working in is well-ventilated. Opening a few windows or a door helps. You should also wear a protective mask capable of filtering out any toxic fumes. Never mix any chemicals, either. 

Tips, Slips, and Falls

As you renovate, items are going to be moved throughout your home. Slipping on a spill or tripping on items is a guaranteed way to fall, which could lead to fractures and lacerations. Even if you don’t tumble down the stairs or fall a long distance, you can still be seriously injured. 

Make sure that any items you do move are placed out of the way. Non-slip mats are an excellent preventative measure, but you still need to clean up any spills immediately. Watch out for dropped screws and bolts, too. Finally, be mindful of any wires running along the floor.