Comparing Restaurant Grills: Which Is Best for Your Restaurant?

Many restaurant owners today know the importance of restaurant equipment in keeping a restaurant running at a high level. However, restaurant equipment is not just limited to kitchen utensils and can also include restaurant grills. In this article, we will compare two types of restaurant grill: gas powered and charcoal fired. We will discuss which restaurant grill is best for your restaurant based on the type of food you serve at your restaurant, as well as other factors that come into play when it comes to choosing a restaurant grill.

Restaurant Gas Grills vs Charcoal Fired Grills

There are many different restaurant gas grills available on the market today. The most important things to consider when choosing a good restaurant grill are how often you will be using it and for what type of restaurant food. For example, if you serve a lot of burgers and steaks, then you would want to get a restaurant grill that can handle these types of foods well. You should also consider the size and the BTU output of restaurant grills when choosing which restaurant gas grill is best for your restaurant.

Another key feature to consider when choosing a good restaurant gas grill is its features. Many restaurant gas grills today come with side burners so you can cook vegetables while simultaneously cooking meat on the other part of the restaurant gas grill. These include infrared or ceramic heat zones so that you can sear meats such as tuna or steak at high temperatures in a restaurant gas grill. Additionally, restaurant gas grills today often have a push-button electric ignition and a digital display that notifies you when preheating is complete.  

Restaurant charcoal fired grills are very similar to restaurant gas grills in terms of features and can include infrared or ceramic heat zones for searing meats at high temperatures. They may also have a push-button electric ignition which allows you to start the restaurant charcoal grill with one touch instead of using lighter fluid every time. The main difference between restaurant charcoal fired grills and restaurant gas grills is how they create their heat source through either coal briquettes or natural hardwood lump charcoal.   

There are some benefits to having a restaurant charcoal fired grill rather than restaurant gas grills. For example, restaurant charcoal fired grills give off more of a smoky flavor which is preferred by many customers for certain food types. They are also cheaper than restaurant gas char broilers and do not require any type of professional installation. However, there are some disadvantages to restaurant charcoal fired grills as well. For example, restaurant charcoal fired grills take much longer to heat up compared to restaurant gas BBQs.  Additionally, restaurant charcoal fired barbeques take more time to maintain in between uses since the ashes will need to be cleaned out before use.

Which Restaurant Grill Is Best for Your Restaurant?

When it comes down to choosing either restaurant gas grills or restaurant charcoal fired grills for your restaurant, it all boils down to the type of restaurant food that you serve. For example, restaurant gas grills are great options for restaurants that serve grilled foods like burgers and steaks because they can heat up very quickly and come with many features like infrared cooking zones. However, restaurant grill owners should keep in mind that restaurant gas grills take much more time to maintain than restaurant charcoal fired barbecue grills. For this reason, restaurant owners who do not want to spend too much time cleaning their restaurant grill should go with a restaurant charcoal fired grill instead.   

While restaurant gas grills are generally more expensive than restaurant charcoal fired BBQs, there is no need for professional installation and restaurant charcoal fired restaurant grills require more time to maintain. As a result, restaurant owners should choose restaurant gas BBQs if they want an efficient restaurant grill that can produce high-quality restaurant food in less time and money.

Overall, restaurant owners should choose restaurant gas grills if they want restaurant BBQs that heat up and cook restaurant food faster and restaurant charcoal fired grills if they want a restaurant grill with a more smoky flavor and less time spent maintaining the grill.  Regardless of which restaurant grill type you choose, both serve as great options for commercial restaurant owners looking to create high-quality restaurant food in a shorter amount of time at a lower cost.