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Dealing with Negative Thoughts

The human mind is a fickle little thing. It has a habit of getting in its own way sometimes. It fights against itself, hampering the progress of the individual. Doubts creep in, confidence wanes and one is left in a state of perpetual agony. This is the result of negative thoughts and negative thinking.

Broadly speaking, “negative thinking” can be defined as a thought process where, in any given situation, the tendency is to look for the worst or consider the worst possible scenarios. This results in negative thoughts occluding the mind, causing immense stress, worry, and/or sadness over time. It can cause trust issues that can corrupt relationships; create a constant feeling of self-doubt that halts progress in life.

And this is an occurrence that is not limited to those with defined mental illness, rather a predicament that can afflict anyone, especially when unfavorable things occur.

So now the question becomes, how to get out of this mindset?

Obviously, the answer to this is as nuanced and multi-faceted as the mind that it affects. Different people will find success in differing methods.

Diego Ruiz Duran, one of Mexico’s leading criminal lawyers, has found that becoming stuck in a negative headspace is very easy, which is why one has to develop their own methods of dealing with stress-filled situations.

As such, here are some ways to manage negative thoughts and come out with a more positive outlook:

Challenging the Thought

Taking a pause and evaluating the negative thought; questioning its legitimacy,

accuracy and trying to view it from other angles will help to see things clearer and better.

Reframing One’s Thoughts

In any given scenario, keeping the positive aspects in perspective prevents one from drowning in negativity.

According to Diego Ruiz Duran, viewing a situation with an optimistic and confident attitude can result in a more favorable outcome. Highlighting the things that went right, instead of constantly stressing on the things that went wrong, will increase the chances of a positive payoff.

Being in the Right Company

Humans are social creatures and the type of behavior that surrounds an individual greatly influences the mindset that individual will possess.

It is easy to get stuck in a negative headspace if the personalities that surround oneself are also filled with negative thoughts.

Therefore, being around people who show compassion and support, who are willing to listen and help, is essential in creating a positive mindset.

Practicing Gratitude

Studies have shown that feeling grateful has a big impact on one’s levels of positivity. Even during hardships, noticing even small things to be grateful for can keep optimism high and negativity low.

Accepting Failure

Mistakes are important, they are part of life. So, instead of self-loathing, it is better to accept failure and learn from them.

Shifting the Focus

Whenever any negative thoughts are weighing down the mind, it is useful to simply switch the focus to one’s hobby or any activity that gives the mind peace and satisfaction.