Electronics and Child Development

The development of a child in this day and age can be frightening. Electronics can hurt them and help them at the

same time. Most children today spend an average of 5-8 hrs a day in front of a screen.

What if you could change that and help them become an active grown adult with less

problems to deal with?

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Shalom Lamm wants to reassure readers that there is no need to feel idiotic in this day and age about electronic devices and when there is a child involved. You just need to educate yourself. Some factors can hurt or help your child during the stages of development. Just like in HVAC, the speed of motion determines the temperature, molecules in the body vibrate which creates a frequency called Hz.

Now depending on what the child is doing can affect the outcome of him or her

as they grow up. Electronics can cause depression, anxiety, emotional problems,

or stress.

Don’t Just Sit There! 

Make a difference in your kid’s life. By you helping them early will help them

greatly in their adult life when they’re dealing with other things. Life in today’s world is a doggie dog world and everybody is out for themselves. But you can change that. Start mandating things that need to be done. Like discipline. Once they get home from school only allow them an hour to be in front of the tv. Set a protocol. Explain to them that you are doing this for their good.

Facts about Electronics and Child Development

Attention span problems can arise from early childhood of dealing with

electronics all the time. These problems are called ST. Also eating a meal

while displaying screens are thought to tamper with the encoding and memory

formation of a meal.

Now with studies for children between the ages of 1 to 3 yrs have a significantly

high risk of attentional deficit disorders by the time they’re 7 yrs old due to the viewing of screens. And this problem can lead to what is called ADHD. Viewing television and playing video games can lead to attention problems which can lead to greater problems leading into their adulthood.

Brain and Cognition

Tablets and smartphones can have an emotional impact on a child’s

development. This can also have a social impact on a young person growing up in the world we live in today. Language and communication skills can be affected by using such electronic devices which can cause problems that can affect them in adulthood. The molecules in the body oscillate at a frequency that can affect the usage of certain motor skills.

A person has billions of nerves in the body which we use to perform certain functions such as using your brain to move your right arm or left arm. Or typing with your hands. This all takes the brain and cognitive abilities to be able to use these. Shalom Lamm does state that electronic devices can impact the brain development of children growing up. Lamm also says that using such devices can cause social problems which can lead to adulthood.

The world is getting harder and tougher every day. So why not help your kid by educating yourself with knowledge.