Everyday Changes to Help Preserve the Environment

It is more important now than ever to protect the environment. People need to reduce their footprint and make changes so that they do not pollute. Helen Lee Schifter knows that protecting the environment is essential. She knows there is something that everyone can do to make some positive changes. Schifter has some common things that people can do every day to help protect the environment.


Most towns and offices have some sort of recycling program. When a person is at work or in public instead of throwing a water bottle away they can put it in the recycling bin. The same can be done at home. Even better, a person can get a reusable water or coffee cup. All they will need to do is wash it out and it can be used over and over again. This will help reduce even more waste.

Reduce Water Usage

This is something small that can be done. If a person reduces their shower time even by a couple of minutes they will save a lot of water. They can turn the water off when they are brushing their teeth. There are also low flow showerheads and other energy efficient appliances that will help reduce water consumption.

Reduce Electricity Usage

Some small things can be done to cut down on the amount of electricity that a person is using. It can be something as simple as turning off the lights when they exit a room. When not in use appliances such as a microwave can be unplugged. A person should set a timer on their television. If they fall asleep it will turn off and this will save electricity. There are also some electric saving appliances and light bulbs that can be used to reduce energy consumption.

Change Batteries

Batteries produce a lot of waste. They cannot be put in the regular trash and they are very harmful to the environment. Most people do not recycle them. To help with this a person can use rechargeable batteries. These batteries can be used over and over. They are not as harmful to the environment and there is no need to keep on purchasing batteries.

Start a Garden

Even a small garden can help the environment. Most of the vegetables that are grown contain chemicals. Fields are sprayed to keep the bugs away but at the same time, they are harming the environment. If a person is able to grow their own they will save some use of pesticides and other chemicals. If a person is going to shop in the commercial stores for fruits and vegetables they should go organic. These products are made without the use of pesticides and other things that can be harmful.

These are some things that Helen Lee Schifter thinks a person can do to reduce their energy consumption. If everyone were to make these small changes then there would be a lot less pollution in the world and they can do their part to protect the environment.