Exercise Physiology: What you Need to Know

Of course, there are many aspects to physiology, and exercise physiology can be used to help an athlete attain a higher level of performance, or to assist with an injury rehabilitation, with targeted exercises that are overseen by an experienced exercise physiologist.

Assessing your Goals

This is the first step, to determine your goals, and the physio would help you with this, indeed, if he or she recommends exercise physiology, then the expert would set the program for you. In the event you have been referred to a physio to assist with a recovery, the physio would create a routine and make sure that you understand the process, while also educating you about things to avoid.

Recovering from an Injury

If you are recovering from a back, shoulder or neck injury, exercise physiology can accelerate the healing process, while also preventing any recurrence by working specific muscles in certain ways.  Whether you are looking for a Physio in Leichhardt, or anywhere else in Australia, Google is your best friend and can bring up a list of professionals that cover your area. This is known as guided exercise physiology, where the patient attends the physio’s gym and is put through a routine in the presence of the expert, and this ensures you do not aggravate the injury, or overwork muscles.

Attaining a Higher Level of Fitness

If you are an athlete who wishes to improve certain aspects of your fitness, exercise physiology can safely take you to the next level, and under the supervision of the physio, you can follow a guided routine that will achieve your goals. The typical exercise physio session would last about 30 minutes and would cover three main foundations of movement; mobility, stability and patterning. The physio is able to use exercise as a medicine and can improve muscle strength, bone density, blood pressure and your overall health & well-being. While on the subject of fitness, here are a few stretching tips to ensure you don’t pull a muscle when working out.

Holistic Approach

We are all unique and the exercise physio assesses a patient in a holistic way, and he or she knows what works for you in a very short time. The intensity of the exercises is set by the expert, with the right frequency, which would be increased over time, and the physio would advise you on activities outside of the time at the gym.

Weight Loss

Exercise physiology can be a very effective way to lose weight by targeting specific areas with certain exercises, and, of course, it you are not used to exercise, the pace would be toned down until you have accustomed to the extra physical activity. The physio would be realistic with you regarding weight loss, and with their help, you can safely burn the calories that you wish to lose. Here is some Australian government information on losing weight, which might help.

Online Solutions

If you would like to connect with an exercise physio, an online search will take you to the website of a local practitioner, and you can communicate via the website or even make a call to book an introductory appointment when the physio can discuss your needs.