Favorite TV Sitcoms

Many people love television sitcoms and they are not shy about showing their fondness for such shows. Some reruns are so classic that they have modern reruns that get fairly high ratings, even today. A perfect example is the original “I Love Lucy” that was aired from 1951-1957.

Even though “I Love Lucy,” is in black and white, modern adults such as New York real estate developer Shalom Lamm are a big fan. “I Love Lucy, together with the classic TV hit, “The Honeymooners” feature the kind of clean fun, comedy hijinks that people like Lamm crave.


Even if a viewer objects to black and white, just ask most adults which they would prefer, to watch reality shows such as The Real Housewives or the Amazing race or shows such as Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island or even Seinfeld, guess which one would win?

In fact, one television reviewer described flipping through television and landing on a Seinfeld episode, even if it’s been watched several times as like driving in your car and coming across a trainwreck. There is no way not to look. In fact, in the 1990s, NBC television coined the term “must-see TV to highlight many of its most popular shows. “

However, for thousands of adults, “must-see” TV was more than an advertising slogan but a way of viewing life. What are the favorite TV sitcoms that ran into reruns? In no particular order, besides ” I love Lucy and the Honeymooners, we might add:

  • The Dick Van Dyke Show

    Originally aired in 1991-1965, nothing is funnier than classic Dick Van Dyke show, with its madcap cast, of Rob, Laura, Buddy, and Rose Marie, this is one of the few laugh a minute shows that seems to never date.

  • The Bob Newhart Show

    Straight Man comic Bob Newhart was on TV for 6 years, and in reruns in perpetual. In fact, many college students have turned Bob Newhart into a drinking game. Every time someone says, “Hi Bob,” you take a drink.  But the Bob Newhart Show is a classic case of crazy characters at their best.

  • Gilligan’s Island

    Gilligan’s Island only lasted 3 years in the 60s on TV but thousands of repeat episodes made producer Sherwin Schwartz a rich man. Sadly, none of the cast such as Gilligan Star Bob Denver received any royalties for the show.  Money aside, however, Gilligan is another “must see TV” that seems never to die.

Of course, the Golden age of sitcoms, ala The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Good Times, and The Jeffersons slowly went to a sad death as they were replaced by Seinfeld, Friends, South Park and The Simpsons as the most popular shows of all time.

Still, people like Shalom Lamm still prefer the old-time classics, with Seinfeld and Two and a Half Men possibly being the exception.

The test of classic TV sitcoms seems ultimately how well they do over time. Will Seinfeld or Two and a half men wear as well as “I love Lucy or Gilligan? We’ve yet to see.