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Financial Aspects of Business Management

How Finance Affects Business Management

There is no one-size-fits-all explanation to this question, as finance uniquely affects business management. However, understanding the implications of finance on business creates a better overall business plan and strategy. Alexander Djerassi acknowledges that companies of all sizes will benefit from financial planning, as it helps in managing the business’s current financial position and ensure future growth.

Functions of Finance in Business

For a business to operate, it needs money, and with regards to profits, a business needs to sell products or services worth more than what it costs to produce them. Businesses need to generate revenue, which can come from several different sources, including subscriptions, product fees, and other charges levied by the company. Additionally, income can come from other businesses to which the company partners and sells products or services. A successful business needs to have all of these different sources of finance to be profitable.

Role of Finance in Business

Finance is an essential part of any enterprise. Without it, businesses would not operate and would face many challenges.

Finance is essential for a startup business to have a solid plan and strategy to grow. By understanding the role of finance in business, it’s advisable to create a better overall business plan and strategy. Its guides about how finance affects the different stages of a business’s life, from startup to close down and how to make the most of it while managing its finances.

Business and Finance Relationship

There is a direct relationship between business and finance. For a business to run, it needs cash, investments, or credit. Capital is the lifeblood for any business, and without it, businesses have to find other ways to generate revenue.

Finance uniquely affects business management – it determines how much money a business can bring in each month and how much cash it can store at any given moment. It affects everything from developing a business plan to paying employees on time and meeting contractual deadlines.

Impact of Finance on Business

Finance uniquely affects businesses; finance is an important factor when starting a business. Business failure is possible if proper financial resources are not available.

Similarly, when it comes to running a successful business, it’s important to understand the different stages of a business and understand how finance affects each stage of a business’s life. It helps decide where to allocate the resources and which strategies to pursue.

How to Use Finance to Achieve the Business Goals

When it comes to managing the business finances,

1. Understand the different types of finance and how to achieve the business goals.

2. Create a budget and track expenditures to see where the money is going and make necessary adjustments.

3. Ensure that the business has appropriate financial planning safeguards if something unexpected happens.


As explained, Alexander Djerassi commends the role finance plays in business management. It helps in many fields like developing new products, hiring new staff, improving the existing products or services, and business expansion.