High Tech Equipment Demands High Tech Logistics: White Glove Solutions

There are many tech industries that are often in need of specialised logistics; huge data centres with bank upon bank of server blocks, technical manufacturing plants that have to be relocated, or indeed new tech equipment that needs to be delivered, installed and configured. If you were thinking that a regular commercial removalist can handle such a project, think again, as it requires highly trained technicians that are very familiar with the equipment.

White Glove Services

You may have heard of the term ‘white glove’ but are unsure of the meaning; white glove means the handling of delicate and valuable technical equipment, and there are quite a few fields of white glove services.

  • White Glove Delivery – If a company have ordered special technical equipment, the white glove provider would offer a full delivery service, with final mile handling that positions the equipment onto a precise location. This type of work would be entrusted to a leading UK company such as Rhenus High Tech Ltd, a specialist white glove provider with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. Handling expensive and delicate technical equipment demands expert knowledge and when you deal with the right white glove provider, you can rest assured they know their stuff.
  • White Glove Collection – The opposite of a delivery, where the company would remove the equipment and either take it to another location and reinstall the system, or dispose of it responsibly. The white glove provider would have association with major recycling plants, for old and unwanted IT hardware and equipment that can be recycled and reused.
  • White Glove Relocation – If a company are moving to a new, larger premises and they wish to have technical equipment relocated and reinstalled, set up and configured, ready for testing. Relocation such as this occurs frequently, as tech businesses grow, and having a white glove specialist available is essential to their continued growth.
  • White Glove Tech Hardware disposal – In the event you are changing all of your many workstations and you need someone to remove the old hardware and dispose of it, this is a job for the specialist tech logistics provider. They have an association with a major IT hardware recycling plant to ensure that your old hardware is not going to damage the environment.
  • White Glove System Setup & Configuration – Complex systems need to be installed, set up and configured, and the white glove provider has technicians who are manufacturer approved to carry out the work, thus ensuring there are no issues.

If you are ever in need of this kind of service, an online search will help you to locate a leading provider, and as you would expect, there are not that many companies with the expertise and experience to manage large tech logistics projects.

The company would need very specialised transportation, plus equipment for floor protection and for lifting heavy items up steps and many other industry-specific items.