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Hiring Older Workers

Hiring Older Workers

It’s been a long-held belief that older workers are less productive and don’t have the same skills as their younger counterparts. But this is now untrue, especially as today’s technology has made it possible for anyone to learn on the fly, no matter their age. The most creative minds in Silicon Valley are in their 50s. There is much to gain from hiring an older employee from a business perspective as explained by Jonathan Osler.

The history of older workers in the workplace

Much of the negative perception of older workers in the workplace is rooted in history. In the 1980s and 1990s, companies thought of older workers as expensive and lacking in energy. Today’s workforce is not composed exclusively of young people; many adults are now working well into their 60s, 70s, and beyond.

The pros of hiring an older worker

There are many benefits to hiring an older worker. Older workers tend to be more dedicated to their jobs, more loyal, and committed, resulting in higher retention rates and lower turnover costs to employers than younger employees. There is also the opportunity for older workers to be mentors for new hires and help others learn different things. Many may think that because older workers are retiring, they don’t have as much energy or stamina, but this isn’t always true. In today’s tech-based work world, most people can work at home on a laptop or other device and have a flexible schedule.

How to get the most out of your older workers

Older workers can be an asset to your business for several reasons. For example, they often have more experience, which translates into more know-how. This can help them become a mentor to newer and younger employees, sharing their expertise in the workplace and helping others grow in their careers. They are also more likely to have a clear sense of what they want out of life, which means they’ll be more focused on their work and less likely to get distracted by personal matters outside the office.

Ensuring that your business is age-friendly

A recent study by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services found significantly more people aged over 65 years in the workforce than ever before. The research also revealed that one-third of Australians in this age bracket want to continue working.

To ensure that your business is age-friendly, Jonathan Osler thinks that it’s essential to consider what perks you can offer older employees. These may include:

* Reduced hours and a slower pace of work

* Jobs with less responsibility or physical demands

* Flexible hours and access to training programs

* Better pay and benefits packages


In an economy where many companies struggle to hire enough qualified and committed workers, hiring older workers can be a great way to fill the gaps. The benefits of hiring older workers are plentiful, but businesses need to make sure that their workplaces are age-friendly and that they know what to expect from the employees they’ve hired.

For starters, older workers offer a wealth of experience from their years of work. Hiring a more senior worker can also be a good idea because they may be more affordable than someone in their 20s or 30s. Older workers are also less likely to switch jobs, which is one of the costliest things for companies.