How Daily Prayer Can Be Therapeutic

Prayer originates from a Latin name that means to obtain something by a petition from God. Prayers are how people communicate with God and two-way traffic, where one talks and the other listens.

Prayers can be spoken, social, private, secret, continuous, or intermittent. Every day’s prayer can be very therapeutic. It helps relieve stress. When you are your endpoint and feel like giving up, kneel, and have a conversation with God.

There are several ways people express themselves when praying. Some of those ways include; crying, observing total silence, and others shouting. Any time you attend a counseling session, you will commence it with a word of prayer. This will help clear away and God will intervene during the session.

Is There Any Subject Not Prayed About?

When it comes to prayers, no subject is beyond God’s capacity. All spiritual interventions should be a great component in all Christian related practices. Counselors should base their session preparation and post-session assessment on prayers. The prayers should go on in between the session as the counselor seeks guidance from up above. People can do their prayers when angry, sad, bitter, happy, grateful, and in other life scenarios.

George Rutler is a catholic priest based in Manhattan. He has been a priest for a long time and. He has emphasized daily prayers and how it helps relieve stress and depression that arise from life issues. He is clear in a podcast interview he had some time back about how hymns can be used as a form of prayer and a way of learning theology.

He continues to emphasize that through prayers and attending church service. You can interact with other people who are going through what you are going through and by sharing. You can help each other. In Father Rutler‘s church, he encourages people to come together and form prayer groups that will help his congregation tackle depression, drug abuse, among other things.

It is well known that people half-way feel relieved and at peace by talking about their personal issues to someone. That’s the same kind of peace one experiences when they have a conversation with God. There is the feeling of calmness associated with having a word of prayer. People often assume that by having alcohol, partying, clubbing, and many other vices, they will reduce stress. In reality, all the stress people had before clubbing and the stress brought about by clubbing all pile up and wear them out completely. The best way to kill stress is by seeking religious help from the church nearby or having a call to a pastor and being given guidance. In the process of guidance, the pastor will pray for your soul to have complete peace and if someone does that anytime they feel overwhelmed with stress, they will never think of committing suicide because the stress levels have gone up.The best remedy to facing life challenges heads up is talking to the supreme being, as Father Rutler once said.