How Law Firms can Prevent Business Email Compromise

Have you ever heard of business email compromise (BEC)? It’s a fairly new type of scam that is increasing in frequency, and law firms are prime targets. In fact, law firms have already lost millions of dollars to this scam. So, what is BEC, and more importantly, how can law firms protect themselves from it?

BEC is a scam where the attacker spoofs an email address to make it look like it’s coming from a trusted contact within the company. The attacker then requests a wire transfer or some other financial transaction be made. Because the email looks like it’s coming from a trusted source, the victim is more likely to fall for the scam. Also, since law firms often have to handle large financial transactions, they are a prime target for BEC scams.

So, how can law firms protect themselves from BEC scams? Here are some tips:

-Always verify the email address of the sender before making any financial transactions: This is the most important step that law firms can take to protect themselves from BEC scams. Always make sure to verify the email address of the sender before making any financial transactions. If the email address doesn’t match what you expect, don’t make the transaction.

-Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in suspicious emails: Be wary of any unsolicited emails, especially if they contain attachments or links. Attachments and links can often contain malware that can infect your computer and steal your data.

-Use two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication is a security measure that requires two forms of identification (usually a password and a code sent to your phone) to log in to your account. This makes it much harder for attackers to gain access to your account, even if they have your password.

-Be careful of requests for sensitive information: Be suspicious of any email that asks for sensitive information, such as login credentials or Social Security numbers. A legitimate company should never ask for this type of information via email. If you receive such an email, do not respond and report it to your IT department immediately.

-Have a strong spam filter: A good spam filter can help block many malicious emails from ever reaching your inbox. Make sure your law firm has a strong spam filter in place to help prevent BEC scams.

-Educate your employees: One of the best ways to protect against BEC scams is to educate your employees about the dangers of these types of scams. Make sure they know how to spot a suspicious email and what to do if they receive one.

Use a secure email service: A secure email service can help protect your law firm’s email from being intercepted by attackers. Make sure your law firm is using a secure email service to keep its email communications safe and secure.

By following these tips, law firms can help protect themselves from business email compromise scams. While no security measure is perfect, taking these steps will help reduce the risk of falling victim to this type of scam. If you are looking for law firm information technology support to help protect your firm’s email, contact Innovative Network Solutions today. They can help you implement the security measures needed to keep your law firm’s email safe and secure. For more information, visit their website at