How Much Does It Cost To Build A Drag Strip

It costs anywhere from one million to four million dollars to construct a drag racing track and strip that meets industry standards. Hosting NHRA-sanctioned events at your private drag racing track is the one and only surefire way to generate a profit from your facility. Because of this, we will attract sponsors and fans.

The street legal evenings that you organise will not generate a profit for your business, but they should be sufficient to pay the costs of maintaining your establishment.

Do You Require Insurance Coverage?

You will be required to have insurance in order to run your own private drag racing facility. This insurance will protect you, the racers, and any spectators against the possibility of a liability lawsuit. Before you are allowed to lawfully conduct business, you are required to have the following kinds of insurance:

  • Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance – This will cover the crew members, as well as the racers and spectators that attend the event.
  • Everyone who competes in the event and everyone who works on the team has to have accident, hospital, and disability insurance.
  • There are not many insurance providers that will take on the risk of drag racing, and those that do have specific requirements that must be met in order to qualify for coverage. For instance, you must be an NHRA sanctioned drag racing track in addition to being a member of the NHRA with all of your dues paid up. In addition to this, they expect that you abide by the local bylaws, that you can provide evidence of sponsors, and that you provide an overview of your operating methods.
  • At the moment, the NHRA provides USD 1,000,000 worth of coverage to its members in the form of Commercial General Liability on pit trucks for all racers competing in certain races. For authorised contractual events, other events receive coverage of around 575 thousand dollars USD.

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Last Words

There are a few of drag racing tracks in the United States and elsewhere in the world that are privately held at this time. It is going to be well worth it if you have the financial resources to invest in creating and building a track, or if you can find an investing conglomerate that is prepared to invest in it.

The fulfilment of several requirements must first take place before drag racing on private land may be authorised. In the event that the track in question is not sanctioned, the races that take place there will not count toward the drivers’ qualifications to participate professionally.

It is possible to have a drag race on private land, but doing so is not recommended unless there is evidence that either the racers or the private property owners are covered by insurance in the event of an accident.

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has compiled a comprehensive rulebook with the intention of offering the most helpful and comprehensive instructions available about all aspects of drag racing. If you become a sanctioned member, you will have the ability to participate in drag racing on private land without breaking the law.