How Often Should You Clean Your House?

How Often Should You Clean Your House?

Everyone should maintain a clean home because it is essential to their health. It also feels good to walk in after a hard day’s work to a house that is free of clutter and mess. When it comes to how often a home should be cleaned, there are a variety of factors that come into play. Does the home have children and pets? If so, how many? Are there roommates who work a lot? How important is it for the home to be spotless? These are just a few things to look at when it comes to determining how often a house should be cleaned.

People Who Work Long Hours

There are people such as Andrew Napolitano who work long hours on their job and are hardly ever home. They may hire maid service to come in once every two weeks because they are too busy to handle cleaning their homes themselves. When this happens, having a good quality cleaning company can ensure that a house remains dust-free, and there is nothing out of place. Being absent a lot means the home is rarely used so there is not a whole to do in terms of deep cleaning. An every two-week house touch-up usually does the trick provided that person doesn’t leave things everywhere. Napolitano is more likely to be a clean person who keeps things organized. Depending on his home size, the cleaning shouldn’t take any more than 45 minutes.

People with Children

A house that has children in it will require a bit more work regardless of their age. Children in general are messy. They will leave dishes in the sink and toys everywhere. Teenagers are prone to leaving their clothing all over the bedroom floor. Parents can’t also count on the bathroom being a mess as well. This simply means that a home with children will require cleaning at least two to three times a week. In some cases maybe more. Getting children to help with cleaning the home will help in cutting down the initial time it takes to get it done.

A Home With Pets

When living in a home with pets there is a huge concern about dander and pet hair. Every homeowner knows the amount of fur they have to deal with each day. So it may be best to clean the home at least twice during the week. Getting a vacuum that has attachments to pick up pet hair and other messes from out of the sofa and rugs are the first things that should be done. Second, if there is any hair attached to the curtains, the attachments can be used for that as well before taking care of the floor.
Andrew Napolitano knows that Keeping a home clean can be a tough job if there are pets and children. However, cleaning a home a few times a week will keep everyone happy. A clean home is an environment with less stress. That is what every human being is looking for.