How To Build Cotton Cookie

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings build with CD management would be the most optimal configuration for Cotton Cookie Toppings. Cotton Cookie is more than simply a healer; the sheep she summons have the ability to do damage and stun other players.

We would suggest creating her with quick chocolate toppings in order to cut down on the cooldown of her skills, which is set at 17 seconds by default. Cotton Cookie’s talent will let you to heal teammates more quickly, improve the attack power of animals you call, and create sheep that stun foes and do damage more effectively if the cooldown on the skill is reduced.

Building Cotton Cookie Toppings: Information Regarding the Skill

Cotton Cookie is a support cookie that possesses the ability known as A Warm Light Skil. While Cotton Cookie’s lantern is lit, the comforting light will occasionally replenish the allies’ health and improve the attack power of the monsters who have been called.

  • In addition to this, Cotton Cookie will call out sheep that will assault their foes, doing area damage and stunning them in the process. During a predetermined period of time, the sheep that were summoned would assist the Cookies in battle.
  • Given the fact that Cotton Cookie possesses a talent, it is reasonable to assume that a Searing Raspberry Cookie set will be beneficial due to the fact that it will enhance both healing and attack power. Let’s wait for the update, the topmost build should be completed in the not too distant future.
  • Alternately, you can choose to go with x2 Swift Chocolate Toppings and x3 Solid Almond Toppings to decrease CD and enhance DMG Resistance respectively.
  • The latest instalment of the Cookie Run Kingdom series, titled Cotton Cookie, is scheduled to be made available on November 18th, 2021. Cotton Cookie is one of the two new cookies that will be included in the new update that will be published on November 18th, 2021. This update is scheduled to go live on November 18th, 2021.

The Tale of the Cotton Cookie Toppings

Cotton Cookie’s dough contained so much warm and fluffy cotton that it gave her a heart so warm that not even a roaring snowstorm could make her turn away from him. The calm and collected manner in which she tends to her herd of adorable woolly sheep while holding her teeny-tiny lamp in her hand is enough to put anybody at ease.

  • In Cotton Cookie’s realm, where there is perpetual snowfall, having a lantern is vitally crucial; the fate of more than just the scattered white hills depends on it.
  • On snowy days, Cotton Cookie may frequently be observed staring up at the sky in a seemingly aimless manner, as though she is anticipating discovering something hidden among the falling snowflakes.
  • When she talks about a Cookie that is important to her, her normally placid and quiet expression becomes animated, leaving the listener to wonder… what took place? When will we find out that someone, somewhere else, has taken a piece of these frozen plains and stored it away in their heart? And that a warm golden light emanating from the miniature lantern will perpetually shine for the person in question. Always.

The Cotton Candy Approach To Gameplay And Ability

Snapshot taken by the Guides A Comforting Glow: The warm glow that emanates from Cotton Cookie’s lantern occasionally heals friends and boosts the attack power of monsters that have been summoned while the lantern is lit.

In addition, the Cotton Cookie will call out sheep that will assault their foes, doing area damage and stunning them in the process. The sheep that are brought into battle will assist the Cookies in their conflict for a set amount of time. Specifications about the skills: 17 seconds of resting time 9.9 percent increased Attack Power (ATK) every second for 9 seconds, plus 0.13 percent more Attack Power per level 75 percent more attack power available while the lantern is lighted (applies to summoned units) Herd of Sheep: Cotton Cookie’s ATK increased by 124.5 percent, its DEF increased by 157.8 percent, and its HP increased by 111.4 percent.

Sheep Stop for a moment and stun the rush. Cotton Cookie has the ability to heal, summon creatures, deal damage, and stun enemies.

 Additionally, it can also deal damage. By combining all of these items into an one kit, you will be able to go without an additional healer or support cookie on your squad. She excels in the arena in particular, which is a particularly important role for a flexible support unit to play because it allows you to secure additional areas for damage dealers. What Are Landmarks in Cookie Run: Kingdom? is a related article. – Landmark Tier List

Cotton cookies with a more improved structure.

Snapshot taken by the Guides One important thing to keep in mind regarding Cotton Cookie is that his attack speed will be significantly reduced when his talent is being regenerated. Additionally, she is the sole healer on the squad, which means that in longer encounters, you run the risk of running out of survival. Therefore, in order to make the most of its potential, the best performing toppings for Cotton Cookie would be an expanded version of Swift Chocolate.

It’s also possible that if you gave Cotton Cookie a hybrid build consisting of Swift chocolates and solid almonds, it would help her survive better. Cotton Cookie isn’t particularly tanky. You may use two of one topping and three of the other, depending on what you like.

When it comes to treasures, the Squishy Jelly Watch is an absolute must for shortening the period of cooldowns, while the Dressmaker’s Pin Cushion is wonderful for boosting the attack power and staying power of monsters that have been called.