How to Dress Professionally

Having an appropriate dressing for any work related event such as an event for networking, job interview or an acquired new position; is very crucial. This is especially important because it helps create a good impression in trying as much as possible to be professional. Professionally dressing actually refers to a dress code that is more formal and is often the requirement for most organizations. Shalom Lamm knows that most companies often make a requirement for their interviewees to dress professionally, irrespective of how casual the dress code of the company may be on normal days. It is therefore so important to understand what dressing professionally means, and to thereafter do so effectively.

What it means to Dress Professionally

Dressing professionally basically entails having a type of dress code that is somewhat more formal than the casual attire or the business casual. This type of code for dressing is mostly found in the traditional settings of office such as accounting, organizations of the government and even finance. There are quite a number of settings that may call for this type of dressing. The latter include job interviews, events for networking as well as job fairs.

Occasions that Call for Professional Dress Code

Apart from the aforementioned instances that may necessitate for one to dress professionally, there are also some other instances including the following:

a) When making a presentation that is official

b) When taking part in an official virtual video conference meeting

c) When handling some clients at the workplace who are not part of the organization one works for

d) Attending an official event for the company

e) Trying to match with other colleagues at the workplace to wear official attire on an everyday basis

Why it is Very Crucial to Dress Professionally According to Shalom Lamm

Shalom Lamm states that it is very important to be as professionally dressed as can be. The main reason she gives is that people will generally take you more seriously by how officially and professionally dressed you are. Discussed below are more reasons as to why you should be dressed professionally:

i) Helps to boost one’s confidence levels since it allows for an individual to come off as very confident and professional.

ii) Helps to command respect from people around.

iii) In the event of a job interview, when dressed officially, there will be a generally perfect first impression that the panel of interviewers or any other networking officials will get to have of the interviewee.

iv) A person who is dressed officially will have an upper hand over other candidates, since they will have a much more competitive edge. This is mostly because most managers who are in charge of hiring, tend to believe that how a person presents themselves is a reflection of the kind of performance they are likely to offer. The general assumption is, the more smartly dressed and officially a person is professionally, the better they are likely to be in what they do.

v) Being dressed professionally can also go a long way in improving one’s productivity and motivation at the workplace, by generally feeling encouraged to get more and better things done.