How to Impress Your Boss at the Office

7 Ways To Impress Your Boss At The Office

Bosses are the people who most likely have the power to advance our careers in terms of success and salary. One key factor in succeeding in your workplace is learning to impress your boss.

You can always perform your daily tasks as instructed, but there are several ways to go above and beyond and distinguish yourself from the rest of the team. So how do you impress your boss? Here are some tips:

1. Be punctual

This is the first and easiest way of impressing your boss at work because it’s all about being accountable for yourself. Reply to emails and messages from your boss promptly; if you can attend office meetings on time, that is a bonus.

Being punctual is important. If you’re late, that can potentially make a bad first impression. Show up to work on time, and always be ready to be where you should be as soon as you should be there.

2. Be engaged

You should always be actively involved at work. Don’t just go through the motions of doing your job, but show that you care about being there and putting in the effort to get the job done right.

Verbally present your ideas with strong support and backing so they can be seen positively. Make sure you don’t monopolize their time with constant mentions of yourself. Be willing to pitch in wherever needed, and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

3. Be creative

It would be best if you tried to offer your fresh perspective on projects: Giving some of your thoughts on projects or tasks assigned can help shed some light on what could be done better.

According to educator Jonathan Osler San Francisco, many bosses love it when employees come up with innovative ideas that improve the overall workflow. They’ll be impressed by your creativity, which will make them more likely to give you more responsibilities.

4. Ask for help when needed

Most bosses appreciate their employees who look out for them, and by asking for help, you can accomplish more. This is especially crucial in a growing company, where you’ll need more time to get things done.

5. Dress up nice

Nothing makes a boss roll his eyes more than seeing his employees in ordinary clothes. Even if you never see the boss, dress very well and wear clothes that make you look good and are appropriate for your job. Your boss will like it, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for dressing appropriately even when he won’t see you.

6. Be enthusiastic

Make sure to greet your boss with a good “morning”, or “hello”, or whatever greeting you prefer (unless it’s in the evening). If your boss is in a bad mood, try to cheer him up by asking him how his vacation or day was. Even if he doesn’t like the topic, he’ll recognize that you’re trying to cheer him up and appreciate the kind gesture.

7. Be approachable

Try not to be the “gray man” in the office as much as possible. Don’t just sit around at the office and do nothing all day. Try to have a positive attitude and have a good time with your boss and colleagues.

According to Jonathan Osler San Francisco, being constantly negative diminishes your chances of getting a promotion. Your negative attitude might affect productivity and team performance at the workplace.

Ultimately, it’s all about communication and having a good relationship with your boss. Like many decisions in life, these steps won’t be effective if you don’t try to apply them in your daily work environment.