How to Maintain Commercial Pools During Winter Months?

Winter months can be difficult for commercial pools, as the cold weather and harsh conditions can cause cracking and deterioration of the pool surface. To ensure your commercial pool stays in great shape throughout the winter, here are 6 essential steps to maintaining it:

1. Test and Maintain Regularly:

It is important to test the water weekly and to maintain the pool’s chemical levels. Make sure to adjust your pH and chlorine as needed, and check for any algae growth or dirt accumulation. Testing the pH levels of your pool water will help keep the chlorine from being too strong and damaging the pool’s surface.

2. Clear Out Debris:

During winter months, leaves and other debris can accumulate in the pool which can lead to bacteria growth. Sometimes even smaller animals or birds can get into the pool. Be sure to clean out all debris regularly with a skimmer or vacuum.

3. Cover the Pool:

Install a pool cover to minimize water evaporation and keep debris and animals out of the pool. This will help keep your water clean and your bills low by reducing evaporation from the sun. A quality pool cover will also prevent the pool from freezing over and causing damage to the liner or other parts of the pool.

4. Watch For Ice Formation:

During cold temperatures, ice may form in the area around the pool. Make sure to remove any ice that begins to form, as this can cause structural damage to the pool and lead to leaks. Monitoring the levels of the water in the pool is also important, as winter weather can cause water to evaporate quickly and freezing will expand in the pool, causing further damage.

5. Heat Your Pool:

Installing a heater in your commercial pool will help keep it from freezing over during winter months. This is especially important if you have swimmers using the pool, as cold water can be dangerous. A good pool heater will need to be maintained as well through out the year but is ultimately a good investment for a commercial pool.

6. Maintain Your Equipment:

Make sure to regularly check your filtration and circulation systems for any wear and tear. Doing this will ensure your pool stays in great condition all year round. Prevent any ice or cold weather damage to your filtration system by checking the hoses and coverings before temperatures drop.

By following these 6 simple steps, you can help keep your commercial pool in top shape throughout the winter months. Regular maintenance, combined with the proper use of a pool cover and heater, will help ensure your pool stays in great condition all year long.

Happy swimming!