How To Make A Family Tree

Making a family tree requires a couple of things in order to get started, a person would need their family history, education, and ancestors. Chanoch Harow thinks family trees are very important. A person could also use DNA testing, which is a technology used today in order to test their genes to find out where they came from. After one does their DNA is tested, they would use their technology in creating a graphic family tree on the computer. One can add their ancestors, history, and DNA testing to complete it. One may find out that their family is high in education. The order one would need to start their family tree would be with them, then move to their parents, and then grandparents. After that, they can add in uncles, aunts, and cousins as far back as they would like to go. Example would look like this:

John Doe ,Father Mother, Dear Doe

They can continue in such order until they have their tree completed. A person would need to research where their family may have came from and what if they may be kin to someone famous or what kind of education their ancestors may have had. Family history is very important and everyone should do one. Doing a family tree and looking up a person’s ancestry, one may find out what kind of health issues run in that family and if they will inherit a disease that may need to be cured. By doing a family tree and using technology that is out today, that person’s family can just keep adding to the tree forever. IF a person is looking for websites to do their testing and to create a family tree there are a few sites to be found. Such as www.23&,, and many more. All a person has to do is type DNA testing in to a search engine and all different sites pop up. In order to complete a family tree there are tons of websites and programs a person can go to. 

Such sites include, /,, and www.23& All these websites have simple easy to follow instructions on how a person can create a family tree and most of them will actually help with tracking a person’s family through their DNA. These sites use a person’s DNA to match it with other people’s DNA to see if they are related and where they come from, what diseases run in that family, and can help a person create their own personal family tree. Once a person has gotten their DNA and received their ancestors’ list then that person would make a diagram and can use that diagram to trace their family as far back as they would like to go, and could possibly go back to the beginning of time. On these websites, people have traced back to the queen and kings of England and beyond. If a person wants to create a family tree it is amazing what a person can find out about their heritage. Learning about one’s heritage is extremely important for people like Chanoch Harow.