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How to Properly Manage Stress

The last year has brought a lot of stress into people’s lives. With the ongoing pandemic, financial stress and physical health concerns, it is no secret that finding ways to relax and take a mental load off are much needed. Any time finding the right tool to unwind is tough, Andrew Napolitano wants people just consult this list of ideas:

1) Crack a smile – “laughter is the best medicine” is a saying for a reason. Taking a few minutes to find a video or song to bring in a smile may be just the ticket to relieving a stressful scenario.

2) Go for a walk – A brief ten-minute stroll maybe the literal breath of fresh air needed to clear a mind. Bonus points if it is sunny and soaking up Vitamin D is involved!

3) Take deep breaths – Sometimes tension is held in the body so tightly that taking breaths is limited. Drop those shoulders, unclench the jaw and take a few purposeful breaths. Inhale slow, hold for a comfortable three to five seconds, and slowly exhale. Repeat a few times for optimal results.

4) Eat a mindful snack/Get up and move – Diet can be a huge underlying stress monster. Bodies run better on foods that give more to the body than just unhealthy fats and carbs. A body that is sedentary tends to want to stay that way. Not all exercise needs to be boring! Find a fun video online with a music or style that fits the best and go for it! Take a page from Andrew Napolitano and consider a vegetarian diet with plenty of cardio exercise! These kinds of changes can help the good vibes pump out all that extra stress.

5) Unplug – This one is the hardest. With all the great strides and advances technology can bring, it is also incredibly easy to fall into the rabbit hole of dependency. It is also easy to get lost among the never evening flashing screens going a mile a minute. Try unplugging for a bit. Maybe even just an hour will help balance out a mood. With the world at our fingertips, it can feel like drowning in a sea of misinformation without a life raft. Unplugging may just be the lifeboat needed!

6) Meet a friend – In the pandemic times, face-to-face may not always be a viable option. But video chat is literally a small tap away. There are few things that can compare the relief of being in the company of a good friend. Talking things out is a powerful tool and usually a much needed one as well. Even explaining the situation and hearing an unbiased third party’s perspective can bring to light some solutions maybe not thought of before.

7) Crafting – Love to paint? Have a yen for doodling? Crafting can put to rest the burnt-out parts of the mind to rest and ignite some creative juices. Crafting is also productive. Sometimes making something out of nothing proves to be just the ticket.