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How to Retain Great Business Talent

How to Retain Great Business Talent

There are a number of things that they can do to retain the best employees in their organization. There are many different ways to motivate their employees, but there are also things they can do to help their employees feel more appreciated and valued. In this article, Dr. Jordan Sudberg discusses how to retain great business talent.

1. Be Honest with Employees

According to Dr. Sudberg, managers need to be honest with their employees about their expectations. It is not always easy to tell an employee when they have done something wrong or need to improve on a particular skill. However, if you can clearly communicate your expectations, your employees will know exactly where they stand. This will ensure that they don’t get offended by being told that they aren’t doing well enough. They should understand why they are being criticized for working harder at improving themselves.

2. Provide Training Opportunities

Employers need to provide training opportunities for their employees. If they want to keep their employees happy and motivated, they need to learn new skills. For example, if your company has a software development department, they might want to offer their employees some online courses to learn new programming languages.

3. Recognize Their Achievements

Employees appreciate recognition for their achievements. The more they are recognized, the better they will perform. Therefore, employers need to recognize their employees’ efforts in their jobs. They should be praised for all of the excellent work that they do. It is also important to praise them for the mistakes they make. By praising their mistakes, they will realize that they can learn from them.

4. Give Them Time Off When Needed

Dr. Sudberg suggests employees should be given time off when they need it. Sometimes people just need a break from work. If they notice that their employees are having trouble concentrating because they are too stressed out, they should take time off. If they feel overwhelmed because they are trying to meet deadlines, they should take the day off. Giving employees time off when needed helps them relax and gives them the chance to recharge their batteries.

5. Provide Supportive Communication

Communication between employees and management is essential. Managers should listen to what their employees have to say. They should ask questions and find out what their employees think about certain issues. If they want to retain their employees, they should make sure that they communicate effectively.

6. Offer Flexible Schedules

If they want to retain their employees, they need to make sure that they have flexible schedules. Many companies require their employees to come into work early to complete tasks before others arrive. However, this doesn’t allow them to spend time with family members or friends. In addition, many employees feel like they are wasting their time sitting around waiting for other people to show up.
In conclusion, Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that there are several things that employers can do to help retain great business talent. Doing this will ensure that they can attract top-notch employees who will stay with them for years to come.