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How to Speak Up in a Meeting

What it takes to be a leader

There are people who are born with the natural “take charge” attitude. The type of personality that places them front and center of every conversation and the spotlight shining bright above in every room they seem to enter. Some say these are good attributes to becoming a good leader. There are people like that and people who don’t quite possess the charismatic energy to command a room such as others are able to but are able to create work that does nothing, but command attention once introduced. Renowned educator, Jonathan Osler, seen the people who were unable to find it in themselves to gain that confidence needed to truly lead and decided to build a career on going through organizations with the intent on helping breed more leaders who will initially grow to accomplish great things for themselves, their careers, and the companies they work for. To Osler, one of the most important things when trying to work on becoming a leader is sharpening your skills. You’re never full of the knowledge you can learn. It is important to always improve your skills thoroughly through hard work. He likes to point out that one should be well acquainted with every deal that their company is involved with, to better understand how the company runs in order to create better game plans in the future to continue the flow of success one’s company has. Leadership courses are also recommended to help better understand how to command a room and sustain the order once you have begun leading on a path to greatness. Osler is very adamant about being able to go out and do the work for ourselves if we want to achieve a leadership role. An important aspect to follow is to always remain self-reliant when it comes to moving up in your career. Do not put so much faith in others to help you reach your goals. Osler reminds younger professionals that they should be the ones working for the future they want to have. That the only path to true success is through hard work and perseverance. Jonathan Osler likes to remind that through all personal journeys to be successful, there will be some mistakes made along the way. The important thing is to not only take accountability for those same mistakes but to also learn lessons from those mistakes. It’s important to see outside of the situation with a clearer mindset so that you can use that mistake and craft it into a solution that will help you out in the future, if said mistake occurs again. It’s important for young professionals today to take hold of their future in order to create a world with no regrets and pure success for all those willing to obtain it. To the future presidents or CEOs, it’s always important to maintain the small skill sets that make you a great leader, worthy of having people follow behind you.