Importance of Family in Religion

When it comes to religion, Father Rutler will tell anyone who wants to listen that one of the most important aspects of religion is family. He states that practicing religion as a family is a very important thing.

The family is the foundation for right and wrong. Family members come together to learn about the world. A child’s first teachers are their family. They rely on the family to learn about morals and values. This is the basic foundation. It is important that the family have a strong set of morals that they follow. This will help their children learn what they value and what is important in life when it comes to morality and how to act towards their fellow man.

Much like morals, religion can help a family share values. Every religion has an impact on what is important. It can be easy for the family to pass on what is important to them and all of the points of good. This is where George Rutler believes that from practicing faith, people will learn how to be good and how to do good for others. These are some basic teachings about interaction and what is right or wrong in the world.

Religion in a family will help them have faith in a higher power. There are times when everything is not going to be good. There are a lot of challenges in life and bad things do happen to good people. Religion can help explain some of these items to the family. If they are going through a hard time religion and praying to a higher power will allow the family to have hope that things will get better. They will put their trust in a higher power and this will take some of the pressure off of them. The passing of a loved one can be difficult. Religion in the family will help them know that their family member is not gone but they are going through a better place. This will help ease some of the pain from losing them. They can follow a traditional ceremony to know that their loved one will be fine.

Religion will teach about customs and traditions. Religion is where most people learn about the holidays that are important and how their family celebrates events. This will help bring the family together. Even when the members are growing and they are living independent lives, they will come back at this special time of the year to be with their family and celebrate certain holidays.

Family and religion are very important. Religion has a person learn about a higher being. It will also teach them about morals and values. This is something they can learn from the religious teachings of their family. Religion has also been able to bring people together. This is a shared value system that all the members of the family will know and will help make them a tight knit family unit.