custom kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades that are Worth the Investment

One of the most used rooms in the house is the kitchen. You spend a lot of time there making meals, socializing with a cup of coffee, working and more. Often, the first room that people go to when they visit a house is the kitchen. 

The kitchen is the hub of the home, so it needs to be up to your standards. If the kitchen in the home that you bought isn’t up to your standards, you may want to start the home improvements there- but which kitchen upgrades are worth your money?

The upgrades that you make for your kitchen will largely depend on the style of kitchen you’re wanting, your individual taste and personality, and what you want your home to be worth one day. 

If you are trying to increase the home value, then you need to consider everything from custom designed cabinets to flooring for your upgrades. Let’s take a closer look at the kitchen upgrades that are worth money to both you and a potential buyer.

Glass Paneled Cabinets

Sometimes, a paint job just isn’t enough for your kitchen cabinets. If you want your kitchen to stand out and increase in value, then investing in glass paneled cabinets is the way forward. 

Your pantry and dishes do not have to be hidden away, especially not when open shelving is currently trending in kitchens. Glass panels allow you to see what you are looking for immediately, and they add some personality to the space. 

A kitchen should be functional, and it’s easier for it to be functional when you can see what you need immediately. It’s also a great way to display some of your gorgeous dishes that might otherwise be hidden away.

New Knobs/ Handles

Fixtures and fittings are important for a kitchen, and they can give your space some much-wanted personality. Something as simple as changing out the standard door knobs to a fun gold handle can make a huge difference to the way the kitchen looks. 

You’ll also find that swapping the color of the handles you use can change the entire look of the kitchen, too. The right latches can be transformative, so why not choose new ones for your custom designed cabinets?

Taller vs Shorter Cabinets

Some people choose tall cabinets that span floor to ceiling, where others choose shorter cabinets that remain low to the ground. The upgrades that you make for your kitchen will change the way it’s valued and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Be sure to choose a cabinet layout that not only looks good, but enhances usability and accessibility.

Interior Cabinet Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen doesn’t just have to be on the ceiling. Cabinet lighting inside the cabinet and under the cabinets can offer ambience and a whole new mood to the kitchen space. 

Additional lighting makes your room look brighter, as well as allows you to better see what is in your kitchen. This lighting can really enhance the value of the room.

Sliding Cabinet Shelves & Soft Close Doors

Sliding shelves and soft close doors are a great upgrade for your kitchen cabinets. Both of these things make your kitchen more valuable and functional at the same time. 

Replacing your cabinet doors with soft-close ones will help you to keep the dishes inside your cabinets safe, as well as will eliminate noisy slamming cabinets.