Looking to Boost the Value of your Property? Cost-Effective Ideas

When thinking about land and real estate prices, the condition of the property does influence the value, and if you are looking to boost the net worth of your real estate, here are a few ideas that would prove to be a wise investment.

  • Loft Conversion – This has to be the most cost-effective way to add on a few thousand dollars to the price tag of your home, and that extra room can be used as a bedroom, a study, or even a home office if you are planning to launch your own business. Your local builder would have experience with loft conversion and he can tell you the scope – how much extra space you can achieve this way.
  • Kitchen Revamp – The kitchen is the one room in the house that has to endure continuous punishment, and if your appliances have seen better days and the cabinet doors are fading and chipped, now might be the time to have a major face-lift. You can get great deals with new kitchen appliances online, and your leading Australian home improvement store, Amber Tiles has you covered for flooring. Any home with a new kitchen would be very attractive, plus you and your family can enjoy a luxurious new ambience, and in a few years, should you wish to sell up and relocate, the kitchen might just clinch the sale!
  • Extend your Decking – If you have the space, why not add some yardage to your outdoor living space? Let’s face it, we spend so much time on the deck, we can always appreciate a larger area for rest and relaxation, and there are suppliers of seasoned timber decking, or natural stone pavers, depending on your preference.
  • Engineered Flooring – It looks and feels like solid timber and is a fraction of the price, engineered flooring is popular for this very reason, with a composite core and a real timber outer layer, you have a floor that performs even better than solid timber, as it will not bend or warp. You could refloor the whole house, and use luxury vinyl in the bathroom and kitchen – no one would know the difference.
  • Swimming Pool – If you have the space and the money, this would be a major feature that would more than pay for itself in terms of extra value, not to mention the enjoyment you and your family will have with your own pool in the garden. There are specialist contractors who do nothing else but build pools, and with a fibreglass pool, you’d be saving a lot of money. Remember you must include pool fencing, as all Australian states require every pool and spa to have safety certification, and glass is the best material for pool fencing.

Of course, there are many ways that you can improve your home, and some projects will push the real estate value higher than others. If you carry out an improvement every couple of years, this will be a very good way to add value to what is likely to be the biggest single investment you will ever make.