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Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Divorce Attorney

Regardless of the legal challenge you face, finding the right attorney is a crucial step in preparing for court. When it comes to divorce, there are countless fine details involved that affect everything from when you can see your children to your income and assets.

With these major components of your life on the line, finding the right legal aid is all the more important to a clean separation and moving on with your life. Unfortunately, all too many soon to be divorcees make vital mistakes in the hiring process. Here are the mistakes you want to avoid when looking for a divorce attorney. 

Playing the Waiting Game

It’s rare for someone to suddenly decide that a divorce is their best option. You’ve probably been considering this move for months if not years as you slowly came to terms with the end of your marriage. 

Now, you’re researching divorce attorneys as you continue to wrestle the concept of this separation playing out. The longer you wait to hire legal aid for the process, the worse off you’ll be when it comes time to head to court. The sooner you start planning the legal end, the sooner you can determine how much attorney you can afford and the easier your search for one becomes. 

Your Friend’s Recommendations 

Everyone has a friend who went through a divorce, and that friend will always provide their legal advice and recommendations. While this can help you pick out a few attorneys by name, you should never trust your friends for this major life decision like you would for a restaurant or vacation spot. Just because one attorney worked for your friend’s situation does not mean the same will work for yours. 

Relying Too Heavily on Google

Google is the best place to start your search for attorneys in the area, but using it as your only resource is a big mistake. Typing in “Oklahoma divorce attorneys” will help you limit your search to those within the state, for example, but you’ll need to utilize directories if you want to find quality legal aid like these OK divorce attorneys. Testimonials, client reviews, and peer ratings are also helpful. 

Not Taking Advantage of Free Consultations

Most attorney’s offices offer free consultations that allow you to get a better feel for the individual and help them better understand situation. This gives you a better idea of whether or not the attorney is the right fit for your situation. 

While you might feel obligated to hire that person if you accept the consultation, that isn’t the reason they exist. The idea isn’t to lock you into a business agreement, but rather to ensure the legal professional can help you reach your goals in court. 

Pushing Dispute Resolution Aside

While some divorces are legal fights to the bitter end, many can be settled far more easily than you see in movies or on TV. If you and your spouse are willing to work together, you can rely on dispute resolution to come to a mutually beneficial separation. 

It will still take legal aid to make this possible, of course. When searching for the right attorney, don’t ignore those who suggest dispute resolution as an alternative to a court battle. In many cases, this is often the best course of action.