Student Financial Aid One Stop Shop is the one-stop-shop for college students and their parents to maximize the financial aid that is available to them. From completing the FAFSA to exploring all available aid and scholarships available, Mos has it covered! Alex Djerassi believes that this can save people’s lives.  Student loans can provide one with an extensive amount of stress and anxiety. Not only do they strap people with years of debt to pay off when entering the post-graduation job market, but they also make things like buying a house and saving for retirement a tall task. This is why it is important to maximize available aid and minimize high-interest student loan principal. Thankfully, Mos has a step by step process to help minimize loans and maximize aid.

Upon arriving at the site, one will be asked to get started by creating an account. This is as simple as providing an email address and choosing a password. It is as easy as that! Once this is complete, the automated process begins with a series of questions to help pinpoint one’s exact needs. First, an opportunity to apply early for the upcoming years financial aid. As one moves forward, questions the applicant’s level of confidence, and stress they are having in the process of paying for college as well as where the student is in the educational process ranging from senior year of high school to graduate school. They then inquire about the applicant’s location so they can best provide local advisors that will most benefit the applicant. The website thoroughly makes the applicant aware that there are over 500 government aid programs available offering over 135 billion dollars in student aid dollars. According to Mos, 70% of applicants don’t receive all the funds they are entitled to when going through the process unassisted and offer in their service to check for anything that is missed. So, how does one proceed with using Mos to reap all of these benefits?

Mos offers three levels of service to prospective aid applicants. First, a free package called “Mos Self Managed” which provides a platform to fill out the FAFSA form, apply for State aid, and the ability to negotiate, unassisted, for more aid. Secondly, Mos offers what they call the “Mos Complete” plan. In this plan, for a fee of $149 an applicant gets the following services. The ability to apply to all of the aid programs available, a scholarship search, easy FAFSA auto-completion, an average of $1000 of aid per year of there was missing aid, an additional $1000 per year if family employment situation changes, unlimited aid advisor use for an entire school year, cost-cutting through expert advisor guided aid negotiation for tuition discounts and grants/refunds, as well as support in the aid verification process. Third and finally, Mos offers its highest level product they call “Mos Complete Plus” for a fee of $749. This plan offers everything included in the Mos Complete package with an additional service of professional review of every essay for scholarships in which the customer applies. Alex Djerassi, believes everyone should take advantage of this.