Most Difficult Professions to Pursue

Many times people find jobs for the moment just to meet their financial needs and being financially free. Sometimes someone may take a job with hopes of getting a better job in the long run and returning to school to get a better opportunity. Other people find a job that they are good at but do not truly love and end up working that job for an extended amount of time or until they retire. Helen Lee Schifter has some tough jobs but they are more of a hobby for her which helps her to recharge and stay mentally healthy.

Although it can be difficult to find a job that someone is passionate about, it is more rewarding finding a job that someone can be passionate about and love to wake up and do. If someone is passionate about their job it will make for a better work environment and help for deadlines and other important factors of a job to be met and executed in a timely manner. If a job is tough it is better for someone to be passionate about the job so that it can become easy for that person to work productively throughout their career.

There are many jobs that are very tough and needs patients and extra skills to complete a few jobs that can be quite tough are:

  • Scientist. They have to make sure that all their findings are correct and if they have gotten all the way through a trial and find a flaw in their research they must then go over their research to find the flaw. It can be very hard to find a flaw in their research and it can be so simple that the flaw can be frustrating at the least.
  • Waste Collector. A waste collector has to deal with a lot of toxins and harmful waste that can be very dangerous to their health both short term and long term. Although many feel like they do not directly handle waste there are many that have to actually get rid of waste before it causes harm to our environment.
  • Farmers can have it really hard and their business can be affected by many factors such as weather pests or even harmful soil. This can cause devastating results for farmers causing them to lose their crops and not being able to profit for the upcoming season.

Helen Lee Schifter is a known entrepreneur that wears many hats that she loves. She feels that it is very important to enjoy your career so that it never feels like a job. She has some tough jobs of her own such as a blogger of health and wellness and interior designer. She has the ability to mentally recharge and find a way to make sure that her mental health is on the right track and she wanted to work in ways that she could do just that.

Lastly, It should be important for anyone to find a good job that they are passionate about. If not it can be harder for them to stay motivated and also stay stress-free throughout their career. It is also important to make sure that everyone can take care of their mental health. It is best that if someone is mentally drained in their job it might be best to evaluate job choices.