Most Important Reasons to Attend College

Father George Rutler is a fan of higher education. He supports going to college and knows that to get ahead in life a person is going to need a solid education. According to Rutler, these are the most important reasons that a person should attend higher education.

Earning Potential

A person with a college degree will learn around 65 percent more money each year than a person with a high school diploma. This is around $24,000 additional a year. Those with a degree are estimated to make around $3.5 million over their lifetime compared to the $1.5 million that a person with a diploma will make. That is a significant difference.


Around 32 percent of all jobs want a person to hold a college degree. Without this degree, there is a much smaller job market. If a person has a degree they are qualified for more jobs and can earn a lot more money. This will give a person a better chance of getting a good job, especially in a competitive market.

Job Security

Based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, having a college degree will decrease the chances of being unemployed by around 52 percent. Once a person gets into a job they will often stay at the job. If they want to leave the job they will have the qualifications for other employment.

Live Above Poverty

Based on the United States Census Bureau there is a big coloration between the quality of living and poverty. People that do not finish their schooling have a great chance of living in poverty. Around 4 percent of people with a college education live below the poverty line. People with a college degree can make enough money to support a family and have a decent life.

Find a Career

People with a college degree will have the chance to get a career. When they graduate they will often enter the field that they will retire from. Even if they do not stay with the same employer their entire career they will work in the same field and allow their retirement to build up. They will be able to get on track to reach their goals. People with a degree often advance within the field once they develop some experience. This will allow a person the skills they need to stay in the career instead of switching industries or jobs several times.

Professional Network

When a person is in college they will make a lot of connections. Most jobs are obtained through the connections that are made. This will allow a person the chance to get a good career through meeting other professionals. They will find out about the jobs even if they are not posted. These are some of the main reasons while Father George Rutler feels that it is important for a person to get a college education. He feels that with this education a person will have a better chance at finding a good job and will have a better chance of leading a good life.