My Favorite Musicians

Who is your favorite woman musician, or you all time go to rap singer? Do you go to certain singers because they make you feel a certain way, or do you enjoy certain people’s voice more than others? There are so many questions with why something is your favorite. Not only are you attracted to certain people, colors, and ways of thinking you are attracted to genres of music and how they visually come off. Music is more than just the sound that comes out of the band or singer. Have you ever thought more in depth about why you like certain songs?

Have you ever wondered how you could be some one’s favorite musician? Have you ever wondered how the musicians get to the top of the charts and are favorites? Is it because of their looks? It is because of their voice? When it comes to males and females the difference is very noticeable as well. There could be so many possibilities.

Is it because of their style of singing, or ware the singing is presented like movies, tv and or concerts? Is the style of their clothes, their makeup or how they present themselves? What is it that people are attracted to? Not many people know a lot of artist in the country realm of music like Josh Ward, or Kacey Musgraves, William Michael Morgan and many more. Yet the most famous of country singers that are Alexander Djerassi favorite musicians and many around the world are Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney, and Blake Shelton.

When you look at the things that the musicians do, is that a way to connect to them as well? If a person donates to a children’s hospital but talks about death in their songs, are they still attractive to listen to? If you are an adult, can you or should you still listen to children sing? So many reasons for what we like and why we like music and the type is a study.

Now let us go to another selection of music Rock and Roll. Some of these bands are well known across the board and can and will be seen on movies, tv and in concerts as well. A main on is Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses and some of these are also Alexander Djerassi favorite musicians. With so many options like Steely Dan, Evanescence, and the Scorpions you have to wonder what it is about any musician that has people want to see them. Why people want to listen to them and why people are attracted to them at all. From the way people look, act, talk, and what they do, it is noticed that stereotypes can cause positive reactions and negative reactions with people. To have a favorite you must make a band, a person and what they are doing in a personal way and relate to them to make them a favorite and that is what many do.