Pallets for Outdoor Furniture

Wooden pallets are becoming increasingly popular in art and craft projects. It’s because the pallets are easily accessible, solid, low cost, and maintenance-free. Instead of reusing the wooden pallets as fuel, it can be re-purposed to create simple, beautiful furniture that serves the function of creating it.

Picnic Table

Create a pallet bench and a table. Paint it with different colors and add some stickers, as the little one likes. So they’re able to enjoy meals outside with their peers and also with family.

Table and Chairs

A basic pallet table and four sets of seats can be built for children using scrap wood from the pallet. Paint them with colorful paints and children are sure to enjoy their board games out in the garden with their families.

Swing Bed

Are there any children that don’t enjoy swinging around? A swing bed will be the perfect way for children to rest; for few bookworms to spend time reading, to lay down on a summer night. Complete the appearance of this outdoor furniture with lights, sheets, and cushions.

Bike Ramp

Our little biker would learn to use the pallet bike ramp in their after school hours. They’re going to be amazed to play on it with little safeguard, remain upright, and keep the back wheels away from the sides.

Pallet Play Bus/Train

Create an innovative DIY idea for children’s playtime by using a pallet, recycle some old chairs and steering. Kids would love to ride on their bus with their peers and they also use this bus heading to kindergarten, to the local shops, to visit their friend’s home, too.

Upright Garden for their playhouse or Tree house 

To add color to the playhouse or Tree house, add the stacking pallets to the upright yard. Small, beautiful flowering plants have a spot to flourish in their little rooms. Ask the children to take control of the plant by watering them periodically and keeping an eye on the insects. It’s always a good way to bind children to nature.


Work on a pallet in the sandpit. No painting is needed. Add some sand and toys for children to enjoy. We can even add pallet benches so that elders can take rest as the little ones play the sand sports.

Kitchen Play Area

Kids love to practice cooking as their parents do in the kitchen. Bring the indoor game out on a pleasant weekend.

Ball in Basket

Attach a little plastic basket to the pallet and put it slanting down the wall for the kids to play. They can play basketball games for countless hours.

Kids Adventure Gym 

Build a playhouse with stairs, ladders, rope ladders, slides, and swings for kids to experience the perfect outdoor games with their friends. It will probably take some time to complete this DIY project, but the children’s request to the park would end.

Tool Benches for the Little Ones 

With those little ones who want to imitate the bigger carpenters, they can be gifted with this DIY craft. Use pallets to create a desk, a stool, and even a toolmaker.