Pandemic Safety For Children

One would think with all the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic that there would be a general consensus about how to keep kids safe. But unfortunately, that is not true. Parents and school districts are continually battling and struggling with how to educate students during the Covid-19 pandemic. Should kids be taught face to face, even though. Cory Harow, a doctor, believes in keeping kids as safe as possible. It’s generally more dangerous, or should on-line only education be held until a vaccine for the Coronavirus is distributed and it is ok to resume face-to-face teaching? Here is what health officials are recommending. Go to the CDC website and you will notice even more important than wearing a mask is that the CDC recommends children should be taught how to wash their hands properly. This means, washing thoroughly with soap and water with soap and water. To facilitate this, many health officials recommend that even older children be taught to sing the happy birthday song to themselves as they wash to be sure their hands are strictly clean. And whenever soap and water are not available, children should be taught to use 60 percent alcohol hand sanitizer and to keep rubbing thoroughly until the sanitizer is dry.

Though they may resist it, children should absolutely be taught to wear a mask everywhere they go outside of the home. At school, at play, going with mom or dad to the store. Everywhere. And this means mom or dad, and adults in the family must set a no-exceptions example. Children will wear a mask if the adults in the family wear a mask as well, but if adults frequently ignore this advice on the logic that “I’m only popping into the 7-11 for one minute,” children will also make exceptions too. Sneezing and coughing are facts of life, and children frequently need to do both. However, sneezing and coughing should always be done into a tissue, and whether at home or at school, children should be provided with plenty of tissues as well as a safe place to dispose of them. If in the home of course, immediately dispose of tissues in the garbage can and then wash your hands. If in school, use a tissue then place the tissue in a plastic bag in your backpack. Immediately use hand sanitizer afterward although being able to wash their hands is better.

The CDC says now, more than ever, children should get a flu shot. Doctors like Cory Harow are believe catching the flu weakens the immune system which is the last thing that a parent wants for their kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. Children may not understand what all the big deal is about the Coronavirus concern, why all of the sudden they need to wear a mask or be so careful washing their hands. If they are old enough, patiently explain that this is something that just happens every once in a while and that it is mostly a temporary condition. But then keep your children secure by a combination of ensuring they get enough exercise at home as well as maintain contact with friends and family through phone or internet chats.