Plunger vs Snake: Which One Should I use

Have you ever walked into your bathroom to find a clogged toilet and not known which tool to use to fix the issue? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are unsure of whether they should use a plunger or a snake to unclog their toilets. In this article, we’ll go over the difference between plungers and snakes and when you should use each one.

Toilet Auger vs. Snake: What’s the Difference?

Toilet augers and snakes are both designed to unclog toilets, but they work in different ways. A toilet auger is a handheld tool that has a coiled cable that you insert into the toilet bowl. The cable is then turned in a clockwise motion to break up the clog.

A snake, on the other hand, is a long, flexible rod that you insert into the toilet bowl. The snake will then reach down into the drain and help to break up the clog.

Advantages of Using a Toilet Auger

There are several advantages to using a toilet auger instead of a snake. First, an auger is specifically designed for toilets, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your plumbing. Second, an auger is less likely to get stuck in the drain than a snake since the coiled cable can more easily navigate around bends in the pipes. Finally, an auger is usually less expensive than a snake.

Advantages of Using a Snake

There are also some advantages to using a snake instead of an auger. First, snakes are generally longer than augers, so they can reach further down into the drain to break up clogs. Second, snakes are often less expensive than augers. Finally, snakes are typically easier to use than augers since you don’t have to worry about maneuvering the cable around bends in the pipes.

How and When to Use Each Tool

Now that you know the difference between a toilet auger and a snake, you may be wondering how and when to use each tool. As a general rule, you should use a plunger for minor clogs and an auger for more serious clogs.

If your toilet is only slightly clogged, then a plunger should be able to break up the clog. To use a plunger, simply place the rubber suction cup over the drain hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl. Then, push and pull the handle up and down to create suction. The suction will help to break up the clog so that it can be flushed away.

If your toilet is severely clogged, then you may need to use an auger. To use an auger, insert the coiled cable into the toilet bowl and turn it in a clockwise motion. The auger will help to break up the clog so that it can be flushed away.

In conclusion

When it comes to toilet augers vs snakes, there is no clear winner. Both tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. The best tool for you will depend on the severity of the clog and your personal preferences.If you’re still having trouble unclogging your toilet, then you may need to call a drain cleaning professional. They have the tools and experience necessary to unclog even the most stubborn toilets.