Protect your Real Estate Investment with UPVC Windows and Doors

If you have already seen the latest generation of double-glazed UPVC windows, you are definitely in the minority, and while we all know that double glazed windows have two panes of glass instead of one, there’s a lot more to these elegant and functional windows.

Wide Range of Colours

Such is the technology with plastics and colouring, you can have virtually any colour frames, with bronze, grey, black and white all popular choices. UPVC windows are perfect for the harsh Australian climate and the finish is guaranteed not to fade, crack or split and with great insulation properties, your climate control system can take a rest.

Tailored Solution

In the double-glazed window sector, there is no such thing as off-the-shelf; every unit is fabricated to precise dimensions, fitting like a glove, and as the units are made to your specifications, you can choose an opening style you like. If you would like to learn more, talk to UPVC windows specialists in Canberra, who would love to pay you a visit and discuss styles and features. You can transform a property with the right design of windows and doors, which would boost the value of your home significantly, plus you would enjoy many years of added comfort.

Sound Insulation

Many Australian homeowners are stunned when they have UPVC double-glazed windows installed, as they are not used to the silence, which is due to the hermetically sealed unit that provides sound insulation. You never really notice background noise until it stops and it will help you to be more relaxed when you have complete silence in your living room.

Great Security

House breakers know all about double glazing, especially UPVC, which is impenetrable and they would avoid any property with double glazed windows, which all have individual locking. The average thief is always on the move, looking for a property with a downstairs window open and there are so many unprotected homes in cities and towns, the criminals have a lot to choose from and would avoid your home if it has UPVC double-glazed windows and doors. Residential doors are not only stunning, they also incorporate a tough 5-point locking system, so any would-be intruder would have a task on their hands. While on the topic of home maintenance, you should have your roof inspected annually, as this blog highlights.

Energy Saving

Two panes of glass offer far more insulation than a single pane and with a 20mm gap that is hermetically sealed, you have excellent insulation, keeping the cool air trapped in your home for longer. Some homeowners report savings of up to 40% on their energy bills and this is not something you can afford to overlook. As the years pass, you could be saving money for an exotic holiday or that new car you want. Click here for Australian government information on energy, which is very informative.

If you would like to learn more about UPVC windows and doors, start with a Google search and browse a few websites until you find an established window company you can trust and invite their technician to your home, where you can discuss the many design options.