Quick Tips for Getting an Overgrown Backyard Under Control

A backyard can become overgrown and out of control, whether it happened due to a storm or just not having a lot of extra time to devote to outdoor upkeep. This is a common problem and one that some homeowners choose to avoid until they no longer can. 

The best approach is to start tackling the problem as soon as possible before backyard clean-up becomes even more labor intensive later. This starts with homeowners creating a written and visual plan of how they would like the backyard to look.

Picture the Landscape

Just because a backyard is in rough shape now doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t transform it into a thing of beauty. With so many options available such as flower gardens, meadows, water features, and trails, the possibilities for creating a beautiful and peaceful outdoor space are nearly endless. Visualizing the space and writing down the tasks required for it to become reality can provide important motivation for people who have put off backyard clean-up for months or years.

Remove All Yard Debris

Scattered leaves, food wrappers that blew onto the ground from a garbage can, and animal droppings are just some of the things that can make a backyard look less attractive. The first goal of any clean-up session should be to walk around the yard with a rake and large trash bag to get rid of debris on the ground. A wheelbarrow can also come in handy to remove and dispose of larger items.

Get the Right Tools Together

Depending on how high the grass and weeds extend, a typical lawnmower might not be strong enough to cut through them. A brush mower can work instead, which many hardware stores make available to customers on a rental basis. The brush mower will only work if it’s possible to walk through the area, however. A tow-behind mower is the next most powerful and will work on grass and weeds that have grown to a height of over three inches.

A stump grinder and brush grubber are additional tools that may prove useful in clearing out a backyard. The first tool helps to remove and break down stumps to a dust-like consistency while the second makes it easy to remove sections of bushes or smaller trees. 

Some homeowners will discover that removing at least one tree is necessary due to its poor health and for the backyard to look as good as it can. A chainsaw to trim tree branches and pruning shears to trim bushes allow a neater appearance as well.

Consider Planting Seeds for New Growth

Seeing new flowers, vegetables, plants, or trees grow in the backyard is almost as exciting as finally having tidy and open outdoor space. Preparing the soil before planting by rototilling it and filling the holes with mulch make a healthy growing environment. Homeowners can start planting new growth as soon as the soil is ready if it’s the right season to do so.

Clearing the backyard is a lot of work. The best way to avoid having to repeat the process in the future is to devote several minutes every week to clean-up and maintenance.