Remaining Fashionable During The Era Of COVID-19


Remaining fashionable during the era of COVID-19 is certainly no easy task. As social distancing and stay-at-home orders become commonplace, it has become harder to keep up with fashion trends as gatherings are strongly discouraged. However, thanks to the internet and social media, it is easier than ever to shop for the latest designs even if it is difficult or impossible to leave the house due to local or state COVID-19 limitations. In choosing a wardrobe, the most important thing that should be considered is comfort and presentation, according to fashion expert Helen Lee Schifter Make sure to select the designs that are most appealing to you, and not others, as it may not be possible to go out unless it is in the performance of an essential task. However, it may be possible to keep in contact over web-based video chats, and thus it will be important to appear as presentable as possible for the conscientious dresser.

Comfort is a key part of any wardrobe for both sexes, and it will be important to ensure that these clothes flatter the body and are appropriately sized. Refrain from wearing garments that are too large or too constricting for a comfortable fit. If the dresser appears to be more relaxed in their outfit of choice, that confidence will carry through to any outside observer, and this will increase the appeal of their overall presentation. If presented correctly, this may even have a slimming effect, as a proper fit may be able to appropriately flatter the individual. Presentation is another large part of modern fashion, as the individual will be very desirous of appearing their best even in a limited capacity for face-to-face interactions. As face-masks have become an ever more common requirement when going outside for the most common tasks, the main portion of the body has become increasingly more important. The COVID-19 pandemic has made in-person shopping more difficult as fewer stores are willing to allow patrons to try on clothes, leading to a rise in online shopping.

Thus it becomes more important for the consumer to understand what patterns or colors will flatter their body the most. Different styles may be most appropriate for different body sizes, and it will be most advisable for consumers to experiment with existing wardrobe first to determine which patterns or color combinations are most pleasing to the eye as they observe themselves in the mirror. It may also be advisable to follow what color patterns or matches are currently popular, so as to be able to mimic these styles at home at low cost. Finally, it is important for any fashion conscientious person to remain aware of the current trends. It is easier then ever to be aware of what is currently trending so that the wardrobe never has to be out of date. It may be possible as well through comparison shopping to find fashion-forward outfits that are on-trend, but also amenable for the consumer budget. Helen Lee Schifter believes that keeping these rules in mind, it might be easier then ever to remain fashionable during the COVID-19 pandemic.