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Signs Your Marriage is Failing and What You Can Do

The ugly truth is that a number of people file for divorce annually. There are some states that require absolute divorce while others could require a completely different process. Some marriages end amicably as two people simply have grown apart over the years. There are telltale signs that a relationship is starting to fail that are easy to recognize. The subtle things that get a couple to this point might be far more difficult to detect. Taking a proactive approach to keeping your marriage healthy is important as you have to put effort towards your relationship. Below are signs your marriage is failing and what you can do to fix it. 

Marriage Counseling 

Marriage counseling can be a useful tool for any couple regardless of how their marriage is going. Counseling can be used to avoid larger problems by communicating issues in the marriage. Communication is usually a main culprit when it comes to a couple growing apart. This could be one party not expressing their affection or when something is bothering them. Bottling up anger due to something your partner did is only going to boil over after a period of time. You do not want to grow a resentment towards your spouse as this can grow whether you realize it or not. 

Refusal to Work on the Marriage 

The truth is that you do not have to work on your marriage for multiple hours per day. This is something that you can do in a matter of minutes daily whether you are sending a nice text or bringing something home for dinner. The refusal to put any effort into fixing the marriage can come out of stubbornness or a lack of desire to repair the relationship. Ultimatums in this circumstance can be important as a person might be willing to do anything to save their marriage if it is at risk. 


There are more chances in today’s world than ever before to cheat on a spouse. The availability of dating apps is too much temptation for a number of people to resist. Infidelity should not be tolerated as it is the ultimate disrespect to a relationship. Ending a relationship or marriage should be done rather than risking your spouse’s mental and physical health by cheating. You do not want to risk getting any form of STD due to your partner’s infidelity. There are some marriages that can overcome cheating but this is on a case by case basis. 

How to Deal WIth Growing Apart 

People change over time which can lead to a couple growing apart. Changing as people is natural but it is important to retain some hobbies/activities you enjoy doing together. Interests do differ by couple so this might take a trial and error period. You might both dislike an activity like going on an intense hike but at least it is something you can dislike together!

Your marriage can be saved in most cases if you have to desire to save it. Take time to consider what areas of your relationship could use some work.