The Importance of Controlling a Pest Infestation in a Commercial Property

A pest infestation can have a terrible effect on your business, especially if you are an establishment that serves food or drinks. They can cause your company to lose its reputation and revenue, amongst other things. Having a bad infestation in a business premises can also lead to legal issues. It isn’t just the food industry that is at risk, a pest infestation can happen anywhere.

A Devastating Impact on Your Business

One moment your business is flourishing, the next you are faced with an infestation that could force you to shut down. If you think you might have an infestation and you need an expert in Mouse Control in Brisbane or any other type of rodent or insect, there are plenty of good commercial pest control specialists in the area.

Apart from threatening your business with temporary or permanent closure, an ongoing pest problem can get out of hand if not properly taken care of. Let us take a look at some of the issues business owners face when an infestation occurs on their property.

  • Tarnished Reputation
  • Health Hazard
  • Destruction of Property & Products


One of the worst things that can happen to any business is losing their reputation. It sometimes takes many years to build up your customer base and get a good reputation in the community, this can all be shattered in a matter of days if your premises are overrun with rodents or insects. Any business that is publicly identified for having pest control problems runs the risk of losing everything.

Social media is great for advertising and marketing, it can get a fledgling company off the ground and boost brand awareness like nothing else. But this also works both ways, if something negative has happened, everyone will know about it.

Health Issues

Customers do not even have to see a rodent or insect scurrying around your property for there to be problems. Many of these creatures carry a number of diseases and one bout of food poisoning caused by contamination can ruin your organisation. Urine and droppings from rodents or birds can present health risks, some of which are serious indeed, such as the hantavirus.

If a customer becomes ill because of contamination issues, you can be looking at legal action.

Damaging Property & Products

Wild animals can damage your property and merchandise. If you do not take steps to prevent or deal with an infestation, you could lose a lot of money on repairs and replacements.

For example, rodents like to eat away at things. They can bite through electrical wires and gnaw away at other types of material. All this damage is something no business owner needs.

It is vitally important to control a pest infestation if it occurs on your property. Insects, birds, rodents, and mice can all cause a lot of hassle if they are allowed to set up home in your business. If you notice the signs of an infestation and fail to act, there is no guarantee that your company will be able to recover.